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   Chapter 1779 Fighting Against Strong Elders

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7985

Updated: 2020-01-03 00:45

"That's because we want to take revenge!

A year ago, a principal disciple from the Vasteras Holy Land was attracted to our sister and attempted to rape her, causing her to commit suicide.

If we join one of the three holy lands, it will be challenging for us to take our revenge.

We heard that the bastard, who was the reason for our sister's death, is the grandson of an elder of the Vasteras Holy Land.

The three holy lands are allies. No matter which one we join, it will still be impossible to avenge our sister,"

one of the young men replied with evident rage.

"Please allow us to join the Flame Holy Land. Once we become strong, we swear to find that bastard and kill him!"

the other young man decisively said to Austin.

"I see. You guys are brothers,"

Austin shortly responded, nodding at the gentlemen.

"Well, from now on, you are the disciples of our Flame Holy Land,"

he said with a courteous smile.

After perceiving the two young men with his spiritual sense, Austin found that they were very talented cultivators. If they were adequately trained, they would certainly accomplish a lot in the future.

There was no way he would let go of two promising cultivators.

Hearing Austin's words, the two young men were overjoyed, and incessantly expressed their gratitude.

"This is not good, Holy Heritor. The people of those major sects came here!

They asked you to meet them and claimed to take your life outside the city.

Aside from that, many sandmen and diabolic beasts who guarded the city gates have been slaughtered."

One of the disciples from the Flame Holy Land rushed into the hall and worriedly reported to Austin.

Meanwhile, everyone inside the hall couldn't help but scowl at his announcement.

Austin immediately released his spiritual sense to check what was happening outside the city.

He sensed many people outside the Five Elements City, whose faces exhibited their full intent to kill.

Most of them were incredibly powerful and possessed excellent abilities.

Austin frowned as they obviously came here to end him.

'Looks like the leaders of those sects sent their men here to take my life.'

After thinking for a while, Austin teleported the sixteen newly recruited disciples into his City model to keep them safe for whatever was yet to come.

They were still weak and needed more training. Aust

you better give it back before I do something.

Otherwise, we will declare war on you,"

Austin pronounced in a domineering tone.

He acted with composure, showing no sign of panic in front of those three remarkable masters.

Bray and the ten disciples of the Flame holy Land were impressed with Austin's iron-clad determination.

Little did they know, Austin was just showing a facade as he was not that confident in defeating these powerful elders. He had killed an elder of the Rudimentary Holy Land and hurt one badly with the help of the Fire Stela last time, but he was uncertain if he could take on three together at the same time right now.

Even with his demonic avatar, Austin recognized it would be hard for him to defeat these elders.

But, if all else failed, he had already come up with a backup plan.

If he would be at a disadvantage during the fight, he planned to hide in the Slave Tower.

That way, the three elders couldn't touch him, and even if they sent more powerful companions to back them up, they wouldn't be able to do anything.

Austin wasn't flustered at all because he had the Slave Tower as his escape route.


Good. You're really good, young man.

I gotta give it to you, Austin. I have never met such an arrogant person before you.

You really have the guts to speak to us like that.

Do you think you can get away with that?" the old man in black from the Ji Clan sneered.

His anger, which knew no bounds, reflected on the way he glared at Austin. Now, it would really seem that an intense fight was about to start.

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