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   Chapter 1778 A Visit Of An Old Friend

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In the Five Elements City, Austin was in the living room of the castellan mansion.

"Really? You all want to join the Flame Holy Land?" asked Austin slowly. He was sitting in a wooden armchair at the middle of the living room.

Fourteen young men were standing in front of him.

They all stared at Austin with eager eyes.

These young men were the fourteen people who were saved by Austin with the Magic Sea Water. They had been badly injured by the people of the Ji Clan before they were thrown at the gate of the castellan mansion.

Now that their wounds had fully recovered, their faces were shown clearly. Judging from their looks, they were between twenty to thirty years old.

They were all independent cultivators so they didn't belong to any sects.

Now they came to Austin's side, wanting to join the Flame Holy Land. They wanted to be its disciples.

"Once you join the Flame Holy Land, you have to work wholeheartedly for our holy land. You can never betray it. Otherwise, you will die!" explained Austin.

"You'd better think about it thoroughly before you make your final decision," he added.

Austin wanted to make sure that he would get the loyalty of these fourteen young men for the Flame Holy land.

"Holy Heritor, we have thought about it very carefully," answered one of them.

"If you will give us a chance to become your members, we promise to live and die as members of the Flame Holy Land. We will never betray it. Please allow us to become the disciples of the Flame Holy Land."

The fourteen young men immediately knelt down in front of Austin, begging to be his fellow members.

They all looked at him with expectant eyes.

"All right. In that case, I will let you join our holy land," said Austin.

"However, if any of you dare to betray our holy land in the future, I will make sure to kill you first," he warned.

Austin's voice was cold, hinting a strong intention to kill. The fourteen men were fully aware that he was dead serious. Thus, they would never dare to do anything against the Flame Holy Land.

Three years ago, Will Fang sneaked into the base of the Flame Holy Land and spied. He exposed its location to the enemies. That was why the base of the Flame Holy Land was greatly damaged.

It was one of the reasons why Austin hated traitors the most.

The fourteen young men however, were overjoyed to hear the good news.

"Thank you very much. We promise you, our loyalty will always be with the Flame Holy Land!"

They all expressed their gratitude to Austin.

"All right, get up now."

Austin was satisfied with what he was seeing from the fourteen young men. He knew that their loyalty was with the Flame Holy Land now. After all, it was him who saved their li

h well, now that you remind me, I'm indeed a little rash."

It was a good thing that Bray admitted his mistake immediately.

"All of you, go away!" shouted Bray to those people.

He had seen the expression in Austin's face, so he just smiled dryly.

Most of the men ran out of the living room. They all felt relieved that Austin and Bray drove them away. However, two young men stayed and knelt down in front of Austin.

"Please don't drive us away. We are willing to join the Flame Holy Land," they begged.

"Huh? You were only forced to come here, right? Now that I'm allowing you to go, why do you refuse? Why do you still want to join the Flame Holy Land?" asked Austin in a flat voice.

He stared at the two young men intently.

"We actually came here in a hurry to sign up as disciples of the Flame Holy Land. But we met Mr. Xiao on the way and he asked us to join him and come to the Five Elements City," said one of them.

"Yes, we actually really want to be disciples of the Flame Holy Land," added the other one.

"You came here to join our Flame Holy Land?"

Austin was surprised to know the truth from these two young men.

"I think you have great potentials in martial arts. With your talents, I'm expecting that you would rather choose to join any of the three holy lands," said Austin.

He wasn't fully convinced by the young men yet.

"Our Flame Holy Land has just been rebuilt and is still very weak. Besides, we have many conflicts with the other sects in the East Mainland. Why would you want to join the Flame Holy Land considering our current situations?"

Austin looked directly into the young men's eyes as he waited for their answers.

"Give me reasons," he added.

His tone of voice was already intimidating. A terrifying aura was slowly spreading throughout his body.

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