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   Chapter 1777 A Real Pain In The Ass

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Gale's head exploded into pieces and his body fell to the ground. He was now a headless corpse.

'What's going on?' wondered Austin inside.

He had a strange feeling about his demonic avatar.

He could feel that it wanted to approach Gale's corpse. It was pushing him to come near the headless body.

To be exact, it was the Diabolic Killing Needle inside the demonic avatar that was having the intense urge to approach the headless body of Gale.

So to grant its urge, Austin summoned his demonic avatar to move closer. It stood next to Gale's corpse.

The next moment, something unexpected was about to happen.

Everyone was astonished to see the demonic avatar open its mouth. A huge power came out of its mouth and enveloped Gale's dead body.

Then wisps of dark energy floated out of Gale's corpse. The demonic avatar sucked all of the dark energy.

In a few seconds, the dead Gale became a dry corpse. The flesh and blood were all gone. What was left was his bones covered in skin.

'The Diabolic Killing Needle absorbed the flesh and blood of the dead body!' exclaimed Austin inside.

He was also completely shocked.

Austin also felt that after absorbing the flesh and blood of Gale's corpse, the Diabolic Killing Needle continuously generated an evil energy and transferred it to his demonic avatar.

Thus, the strength of the demonic avatar had also increased.

'So this Diabolic Killing Needle can absorb cultivators' blood and flesh essence and turn it into the evil energy my demonic avatar needs, ' thought Austin.

'If that's the case, the demonic avatar gets another way to become stronger. Well, I will give it another try.'

Austin waved his hand and two strands of his vital energy were released.

The vital energy reached the two dead bodies of the masters of the Arcane Holy Land and the Rudimentary Holy Land.

It dragged the dead bodies to the demonic avatar.

Immediately, the demonic avatar opened its mouth and released a powerful force again. It again absorbed all the blood and flesh essence of the two dead bodies.

In a flash, the two corpses became bones covered in dry skin.

This time, Austin could feel that his demonic avatar became even more powerful.

'It's for real. The Diabolic Killing Needle could really use a cultivator's blood and flesh as energy.'

Austin was overjoyed to prove his assumption.

Just staring at the three dried corpses gave the people around goosebumps. They felt chill in their hearts.

Everyone fell silent and no one dared to make even the slightest sound.

They just stared at Austin's demonic avatar with eyes and mouths wide open. It was as if the most evil thing was right in front of them.

A Major-perfection Realm master and two Minor-perfection Realm masters were killed by Austin ruthlessly.

He wasn't really kidding when he said it earlier.

Who would have thought that a junior could kill three masters that easy?

"Now, tell us who did this to you," said Austin as he faced the fourteen men who had been badly injured.

"Don't be afraid. I am here to avenge you."

Austin already knew th

is? We need to get our reputation back. And we can only do that by taking his life." All the senior reclusive elders in the headquarters of the Ji Clan went ballistic upon hearing the news.

They were all anxious to kill Austin.

Therefore, they sent many top cultivators of their clan to hunt Austin down.

Meanwhile, in the headquarters of the Rudimentary Holy Land.

"I asked you to contact the people from the Slaughtering Sect. How did it go?" asked the holy lord to a steward.

"Sir, our men have successfully made a deal with the assassins of the Slaughtering Sect. They accepted the task," reported the steward.

"I guess, they are already coming after Austin now," he added.

The holy lord was gnashing his teeth in rage.

Austin killed a lot of their people. Austin must pay for it.

Meanwhile, a furious voice resounded the headquarters of the Arcane Holy Land. "Austin, this isn't over yet. You made us your enemy? We will hunt you down to the end of the earth!" shouted the holy lord. "Send out our top cultivators to look for Austin right now! Tell them to kill him immediately!"

The holy lord couldn't contain his anger towards Austin.

This time, all the people of the Ji Clan, the Rudimentary Holy Land, and the Arcane Holy Land wanted to kill Austin.

Austin had killed a large number of their disciples over the years.

No one in the East Mainland had ever tried to do that except Austin.

The three holy lands and the three prominent clans were the top forces in the East Mainland. They were much more powerful than other sects.

No sects nor cultivators would dare to mess with them.

However, Austin was different. In short, everything had changed since Austin appeared.

Austin had murdered the people from the three holy lands and the three prominent clans not only once. As a result, he had kept on provoking the authorities of those top forces in the East Mainland.

He had become a real pain in the ass to the leaders of those big sects in the East Mainland.

No wonder, they were all desperate to take him out now.

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