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   Chapter 1776 The First Try Of The Eye Of The Ghostdom Ancestor

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"Now, it's your turn!"

Austin said while looking at the master of the Ji Clan, Gale, intensely.

Seeing the demonic avatar's quick annihilation of the two people made Gale feel more and more terrified with every passing moment.


Without warning, the demonic avatar rushed straight towards Gale.

Gale's scalp tingled. This demonic avatar made him feel the danger and evilness lurking around him.

What made things even worse was how tough the body of the demonic avatar seemed to be.

Gale stretched out his finger and more than a dozen winged skeletons with three-edged forks gleaming coldly in their hands immediately rushed towards the demonic avatar.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Without wasting even a second, the three-edged forks in the hands of the skeletons started stabbing at the demonic avatar continuously. But all of their efforts were in vain—the demonic avatar was not hurt at all.

"How could it be!"

Gale said in disbelief. He couldn't believe that the demon emperor's body could be so impenetrable that even his evil skeletons couldn't pierce through it.

"Huh, Austin, don't think that I wouldn't be able to kill you just because you have the demonic avatar!"

Gale was furious with shame.

Then he waved his hand, all the black skeletons with wings flew back to him.

The next thing that happened was one for the books. All of a sudden, the skeletons rushed into Gale's body one after the other, and in no more than an instant, more than a dozen skeletons had already been integrated into his body.

However, what happened next was even more shocking—suddenly, Gale's body began to change weirdly.

His body started expanding rapidly as its surface quickly became covered with dark evil lines. In addition to that, his forehead also began swelling slowly, and a pair of sharp purple horns about 30 centimeters long appeared.

In no time, Gale's figure became more than one hundred feet, and a pair of black wings appeared on his back.

In that moment, it was no longer a human in front of everyone but a tall and ferocious evil yaksha.

"Oh my God! It is said that there is some kind of evil forbidden skill in the Dark Scripture of the Ji Clan. It is called the Evil Yaksha Skill. The cultivator who practices it would be able to transform himself into a real yaksha, and, by doing so, increase his power by at least five or six times.

However, it is said that cultivating this skill requires the practitioner to eat a lot of dead bodies, and that it would be very easy for him to lose his self-control and go crazy during the cultivating process. In that case, he would become a true yaksha that knows nothing but killing.

Therefore, the senior members of the Ji Clan gave an order that no one in the Ji Clan is allowed to cultivate this forbidden evil skill.

I didn't expect Gale to have actually cultivated this skill!" someone exclaimed.

Upon hearing that, many of the other cultivators started whispering among themselves in a low voice as well.

Since Austin's spiritual sense

Gradually, the light around them started fading away.

In less than a breath, all the light rays within a radius of thousands of feet had disappeared. Now, it was pitch black and nobody could see anything.

This was real darkness—it could not even be seen through by the power of spiritual sense!

But amidst the darkness, there was an eye that grew brighter and brighter.

It was the only thing that people could see at that moment.

The image of the eye was quite clear.

So, of course, all the people could not help but draw their eyes toward the bright eye.

But the moment their eyes met that eye, they felt a surge of viciousness, darkness, desperation, coldness and horror arise in their heart.

All of them were awed by the power the eye was giving off.

"Ah! No!"

The yaksha suddenly cried out with his head clasped in his arms. In an instant, the evil yaksha disappeared and transformed back into the body of Gale.

At this point, Gale kept staggering back with a pale face ridden with a painful expression.

Painful as it was, he couldn't take his eyes off that bright eye in the dark world.

At the same time, his spiritual soul was suctioned by a strong force and was slowly pulled out of his Soul Sea. Slowly, his spiritual soul flew towards the direction of the eye.


Gale controlled his spiritual soul as tightly as he could, trying to drag it back to his Soul Sea. Given that his spiritual sense was as strong as the sea waves, there was no doubt in his mind that he could make it.

But at this moment, Austin's demonic avatar suddenly flashed and appeared at Gale's back. And without warning, the demonic avatar used its millstone shaped palm to slap Gale's head.


Gale's head exploded.


At the same time, Gale's spiritual soul was completely vanished into the eye of Austin.

With that, the sky gradually became clear and bright, and the darkness slowly crept away. Finally, light went back to the earth again.

"Gale is dead!"

someone exclaimed.

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