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   Chapter 1774 I'll Avenge You

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10001

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After a while, the seriously injured people lying on the ground had been revived, with most of their wounds completely healed.

Rahul and other disciples of the Flame Holy Land were stunned to witness that scene.

'These guys were dying, and it seemed like nothing could save them.

But they almost recovered in such a short time. This is unbelievable!

Oh my god! How is that possible?

What did Austin give them to make them recover so quickly?' they all wondered.

Magic Sea Water was rare not only in the Prime Martial World. Even most cultivators in the Divine Continent had never laid their hands on it or lest seen it.

"Please don't kill me!"

the poor cultivators shouted in fear as they looked at Austin and his companions with frightened eyes when they woke up.

"Calm down. No one is here to hurt you.

I'm Austin Lin from the Flame Holy Land.

Tell me, what happened? Who did this to you?"

Austin tried to talk to them in the softest tone he could muster.

"You are Austin Lin from the Flame Holy Land!"

The fourteen men stared at him in surprise.

Apparently, they had heard of his name and probably knew his reputation.

Seconds later, all of them started narrating what happened.

It turned out it was the people from the Ji Clan who mercilessly inflicted harm to these men.

They were beaten up almost to death just because they inquired about signing up for the Flame Holy Land earlier that day.

"I see. I am going to avenge you now.

Follow me and watch me take revenge on those people who hurt you," Austin sternly said.

A conviction could be extracted from the tone of his voice.

The fourteen guys were utterly shocked at Austin's proposal.

It had not been long since the incident, and now they were about to see the people of the Ji Clan again!

"Don't worry. I'll protect you,"

Austin said as he noticed the evident worry and fright on their faces.

Then he led the rest of them to Ji Clan's stronghold in the Five Elements City.

After a short while, they arrived at the gate of the stronghold of the Ji Clan.

It was a grand and magnificent residence with towering walls surrounding it.

Austin looked around, checking the area before employing one of his skills.

Under his control, four huge golden balls came out of his body and shot into the sky.

The billowing golden sea of fire materialized behind him, scorching the whole place with horrifyingly extreme heat.

It was as if a volcano had erupted nearby, with its lava flowing on the space around it.

In the next second, the four massive golden balls broke into the stronghold.

All the buildings that got in their way collapsed and turned into ruins, sending specks of dust soaring into the sky.

Austin stepped into the stronghold with the fourteen cultivators and the disciples of the Flame Holy Land behind him.


Screams of panic and pain filled the entire stronghold. It was from the people who lived in the now burning buil

s getting on his nerves, and he didn't want to wait any longer.

'A young man like him embarrassed me in my own territory. If this news got out, I would be a laughingstock in the entire East Mainland.

Damn it! I must do something. Besides, I am at the preliminary stage of Major-perfection Realm. Surely it will not be difficult for me to defeat this brat, ' he pondered internally.

"Austin, you're a cold-blooded killer. I'll execute you before you kill more innocent people!"

the middle-aged man in black shouted fiercely with a strong killing intent aura emanating around him.

"Now tell me who have wronged you.

I will help you get even with them."

Ignoring the middle-aged man in black, Austin turned around and talked to the fourteen people who had been badly hurt by the Ji Clan members.

At the sight of so many people from the Ji Clan, all of them couldn't help but tremble in fear.

It was known to all that the Ji Clan was one of the three prestigious clans in the East Mainland.

For ordinary cultivators like them, the Ji Clan was an influential force that they––at all cost––did not dare to mess with.

Once they offended this powerful clan, they would end up in grave trouble.

That was why the fourteen cultivators didn't have the nerve to tell Austin who had hurt them.

"Good. You're really good.

I see you guys chose to side with Austin.

Don't worry. Not only you but also your family and friends will die,"

a member of the Ji Clan sneered, glancing at the fourteen people.

Upon hearing his threat, the fourteen people could not help turning pale, almost falling on their knees.


Out of the blue, a black light flashed, cutting the man who just spoke in half. His blood splashed up in the air, just like a fountain.

That Unrivaled Black Dagger's attack was impossible to resist nor avoid by common cultivators. Much like that dead man, anyone who was not strong enough would be killed the instant the dagger shot out.

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