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   Chapter 1773 The Provocation

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"Sir, I've already sent someone to the imperial capital city to report this matter to the emperor. I believe that the royal troops of our Flame Kingdom will come to the Five Elements City very soon," said the castellan.

"When that time comes, we must not let Austin off that easily!"

He was gnashing his teeth in a rage.

He couldn't accept what Austin had done to him. He was a castellan of the Five Elements City but Austin drove him out of the castellan mansion. For him, it was such a big humiliation.

The castellan couldn't wait to avenge the shame he had suffered. He would definitely kill Austin.

"The troops of your Flame Kingdom alone might not be powerful enough to defeat Austin," answered the middle-aged man in black.

"How about this? I'll send someone to the headquarters of our Ji Clan right away and ask our head to send some powerful warriors. In that way, we can be sure that the Five Elements City will be Austin's grave."

The middle-aged man in black also had an intense desire to kill Austin.

There was a flash of fury in his eyes.

Austin and the Ji Clan had been having so many conflicts. He had been a bone in their throats. No wonder all the members of the Ji Clan had been wanting to kill him.

"That's great!" exclaimed the castellan. His eyes glittered in delight.

"Once the powerful cultivators are here, Austin won't be able to escape anymore."

The Ji Clan was one of the three prestigious clans in the East Mainland so it was also considered as one of the most powerful. Needless to say, it had a lot of powerful martial arts masters.

At this moment, the whole Five Elements City was like boiling water. What was happening in their city was not pleasant in their eyes.

The disciples of the Flame Holy Land were walking on the streets in a very striking way. Every ten of them were escorting around two thousand slaves. The scene was really conspicuous.

Just a few hours later, the streets and alleys of the Five Elements City were all covered by posters signed by the Flame Holy Land.

There were two main points on the posters. First, the Flame Holy Land would officially take over the Five Elements City starting today. Second, the Flame Holy Land would start to recruit its new disciples. Those who wanted to join the Flame Holy Land could directly go to the castellan mansion to sign up.

A lot of onlookers gathered around the poster. Most of them were warriors.

"I didn't expect that the Flame Holy Land would become so powerful just days after announcing the reestablishment.

They are going to take over the Five Elements City by force."

"It is said that the Flame Kingdom was a subsidiary of the Flame Holy Land more than a thousand years ago. I guess the Flame Holy Land is gradually retrieving its previous territory."

"But the Flame Kingdom is currently under the control of the Ji Clan. Apparently, the Ji Clan is bound to fiercely disagree with the Flame Holy Land. We can expect a powerful conflict soon.

Humph! Not only the Ji Clan but also all the big sects in the East Mainland will do their best to prevent the Flame Holy Land from taking over the Five Elements City."

"You're right. The big sects in the East Mainland have been having too many

les couldn't even tell if they were still alive.

"It must be the people of those big sects. They are the perpetrators. Maybe this is their way of threatening the other warriors who want to join us," said Rahul.

"I'm afraid that those who are planning to join us will change their minds after this news breaks out. No one will dare to come to us anymore because of fear," he added.

"That's right."

Austin nodded in agreement. He understood what Rahul meant.

There was a murderous look in his eyes.

"Ha ha! They are really pushing their luck," said Austin coldly.

"I actually don't have the intention of killing them all. But since this thing happened, I change my mind. All the disciples of the big sects who are here in the Five Elements City right now must all die!"

Austin's voice roared through the hall.

He was extremely furious.

"These fourteen people are all in the worst condition. Although they are not yet dead, they are badly injured so it's already impossible to revive them. Their bones, muscles, and even their veins are all destroyed," said Rahul.

He was shaking his head while examining the fourteen men bathed in blood.

He felt hopeless that they could still be saved.

Upon hearing Rahul's assessment, Austin touched his Space Ring and took out a small jade bottle.

The jade bottle contained some kind of blue liquid.

It was the Magic Sea Water.

Austin pulled the lid of the bottle and activated his vital energy force. Instantly, the Magic Sea Water in the bottle flew into the mouths of the fourteen people.

The Magic Sea Water was one of the five Great Magic Liquids in the Prime Martial World. It could help to repair someone's broken arms and muscles. It could even help a dead person come back to life.

Even in the Divine Continent, the Magic Sea Water was a rare treasure.

A few moments later, a miracle happened.

The wounds on the bodies of the fourteen men healed quickly.

To everyone's surprise, they recovered so soon. All of the disciples saw what happened.

Moreover, the life of all of the injured ones was gradually coming back. They even seemed to be getting stronger.

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