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   Chapter 1772 Taking Control Over The Five Elements City

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"Austin, you're being foolishly stubborn!

If you really want to take this city by resorting to force, you will certainly be hunted down by our royal family.

Just recently your sect has been rebuilt. Do you want to make enemies so soon?"

Hearing Austin's words, the castellan got angry and spoke out.

"Ha-ha! You must be joking. A mere royal family is not strong enough to be the enemy of our holy land.

As I just said, a thousand years ago, your country was under the control of our holy land.

And before long, we will take over the country and retrieve the power of the royal family.

When that day comes, if the royal members disagree with our arrangement, they can get out of this country,"

Austin said, with his hands clasped behind his back.

"Austin, you're too arrogant. The royal family of our kingdom will not leave this place.

And let me see if you're as powerful as the legend says."

The castellan flew into rage.

As soon as the castellan waved his hand, a black thread-bound book appeared over his head.

The pages kept flipping over, even though no one turned them. Meanwhile, thick black fog gushed out of the book. It smelled dark and ominous like death.

Now it was clear that the black thread-bound book was a powerful magic treasure.

The castellan had heard how ruthless and strong Austin was, so he didn't want to waste any time in his attack.

He didn't dare to take the young man lightly. He took out his most powerful magic to tackle Austin.

As the pages kept moving, the black smoke formed scary symbols.

Countless symbols moved around and quickly formed a huge black cage, which started to proceed to trap Austin. The cage gave off an aura of death.

'Hmm, this magic treasure seems really good.'

Austin was impressed by it and praised it in his mind.

Austin didn't want to waste too much time fighting against the castellan.

Thinking over it, in an instant he decided what he had to do.

Thus, he summoned the Spiritual Pot.

The pot, which was two meters high, instantly rushed towards the head of the castellan and broke into his Soul Sea in a violent manner.

Not long ago, Austin had refined this Spiritual Pot again. Since it was made of a larger amount of omnipotent gas and his spiritual sense, its power was far stronger than the earlier one.

Austin had already analyzed that the castellan's spiritual sense was too weak to fight against the Spiritual Pot.

The Spiritual Pot shook, releasing terrifying amount of spiritual sense and hitting the castellan's spiritual soul.

Immediately, the castellan let out a scream and was thrown into the air. When he fell, he looked weak and was spitting blood out of his mouth.

In a flash, Austin rushed ahead and grabbed the black book.

Since the castellan's spiri

ic plants.

As soon as they heard it, all those five thousand demonic plants dispersed. They went to the corners of the mansion and got rooted deep into the earth. Some even floated above the mansion.

After a while, the demonic plants spread around and could be seen everywhere. They really looked their part as they were the guardians of the mansion.

Austin summoned another fifty puppets. They were as powerful as Divine Bridge Realm cultivators.

"All of you, go and guard the door,"

Austin ordered.

Moving as fast as they could, the fifty puppets came to the gate and stood outside the mansion.

At that same moment, in another place, there were two men in a hall of a magnificent palace.

It was located in the east of the Five Elements City.

"Mr. Ji, that's the whole issue.

Austin has declared that he is going to take over this city. He also mentioned that they will take back the power of the royal family in the near future,"

the man with a square face said angrily.

After hearing all that, the other man, who was middle-aged and dressed in black, went ballistic.

He slammed his hands heavily down on the tea-table beside him.

In an instant, the table turned into dust, and vanished.

"Austin! Austin again!

Huh! Austin has done many evil things, and harmed our clan over the years.

But no more. We will not put up with it any more.

He wants to control this city and take back the power of the royal family? No way!" the middle-aged man in black said coldly.

Hatred was filled in his heart for Austin.

The Flame Kingdom had been under the control of the Ji Clan for a long time. There was no way that the people of the Ji Clan would stand by and watch the people from the Flame Holy Land take the Kingdom back. He wouldn't let that happen. And he would not let Austin damage their clan's reputation any more.

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