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   Chapter 1771 The Five Elements City

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"Fine. You're right,"

Elder Brendan agreed after careful thinking.

He knew that Austin was now at the preliminary stage of Minor-perfection Realm, and he had a lot of aces up his sleeve.

Last time, even Steward Sebastia of the Vasteras Holy Land was badly beaten by him and only got to escape by burning his blood essence.

This meant that even the stewards of those three holy lands might not even cause harm to Austin.

"Austin, you lead one group to the Five Elements City.

Remember, this is not just to set up a stronghold and recruit disciples. The real goal is to take over the Five Elements City,"

Elder Brendan explained.

"What if the people of other major sects interfere?"

Austin asked.

"Elder Sharp advised us to just clear away all the obstacles and build our prestige!

Besides, the Five Elements City was originally a part of the Flame Kingdom.

More than a thousand years ago, the Flame Kingdom was just a subsidiary kingdom of our Flame Holy Land.

Later, after the destruction of our Flame Holy Land, the royal family of the Flame Kingdom have joined one of the three most powerful clans—the Ji Clan, and the castellan of the Five Elements City was appointed by the royal family of the Flame Kingdom.

Once you arrive there, if the castellan of the Five Elements City dared to stop you, behead him!

We will take everything that belongs to our Flame Holy Land back!"

Elder Brendan proclaimed.


Austin nodded in understanding.

Indeed, the Flame Holy Land must establish its authority in the East Mainland soon.

Then Elder Brendan further explained the instructions in detail.

After that, he asked Austin to go back to the headquarters of Flame Holy Land, and selected a group of disciples who Austin would take with him.

He thought that Austin's strength wouldn't be enough, so he asked him to bring as many people as possible.

Upon returning to the headquarters of Flame Holy Land, Austin only selected ten disciples who were at the Divine Bridge Realm. Rahul was one of them.

Austin and the ten disciples then headed for the Five Elements City.

It was not far from the Flame Holy Land.

After day's journey, he and his companions arrived at the Five Elements City.

It was only a medium-sized city in the Flame Kingdom.

They v

are to defy us?

Not only the Five Elements City, even the power of the royal family of Flame Kingdom will be withdrawn by us soon!"

Austin coldly snapped.

"You have two choices. First, stay here and you have to follow the orders of our Flame Holy Land.

Second, get out of this city right now,"

Austin demanded while showing his invincible power.

The disciples stood behind Austin and secretly praised him for his overbearing tone.

"Now make a choice,"

Rahul shouted to the castellan.

The other disciples followed suit and urged the castellan to make a choice.

They felt that it was a good time to vent their anger and frustrations.

These past few decades, the disciples of the Flame Holy Land had to deliberately hide their true identities when they were out.

They never announced to the public that they were the disciples of the Flame Holy Land.

Every disciple in the Flame Holy Land had had enough of this kind of prejudice and mistreatment.

They never tried to show their true identities or fought others for it.

Also, they didn't even try to do the same even if their dignity was tarnished.

The ten disciples, including Rahul, were all excited. It felt good to finally set themselves free.

It seemed like they were outnumbered.

However, the ten disciples from the Flame Holy Land didn't worry about it at all

because Austin was there with them.

These disciples knew that with his strength and skill, it was a piece of cake for him to fight the castellan and all the other soldiers.

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