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   Chapter 1770 News Of Restoration

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Everyone was excited to finally hear Elder Sharp's voice.

The three elders couldn't even help trembling slightly.

"Okay, do as Elder Sharp has instructed and announce this matter to the entire East Mainland as soon as possible!"

Elder Brendan said, taking a deep breath to ease the slight pressure inside him.

"Yes, sir!"

Elder Leder, Elder Damian, and several stewards answered in unison, leading a dozen disciples at the Divine Bridge Realm to exit the place.

One day later...

The news broke out and spread around the East Mainland.

The Flame Holy Land's restoration was declared. Its headquarters would still be in the original location where its members had lived before.

Aside from that, it was also announced that the reconstruction ceremony will be officially held in three days. All the sects in the East Mainland were invited to attend the ceremony!

From then on, the Flame Holy Land had planned to recruit disciples from the whole East Mainland.

This news arrived like a hurricane and stirred a ruckus in the entire East Mainland.

All of the people were so eager and buzzed to hear such exciting news.

Tons of warriors, in every corner of the streets, flocked to excitedly discuss about the reconstruction of the Flame Holy Land.

"Since the base of the Flame Holy Land was attacked by seven major sects three years ago, its disciples have completely gone off of the radar. No one knew where they were.

But now, they suddenly popped out of nowhere and announced that they are going to rebuild their sect. They even plan on holding a reconstruction ceremony!

What on earth gives the people of the Flame Holy Land so much confidence to do such a big thing?

In the East Mainland, the major sects would absolutely not let the restoration of the Flame Holy Land after going through great lengths and finally obliterating it three years ago.

Those people are just digging their own grave."

"Yes. Over the years, there have been many conflicts between other sects in the East Mainland and the Flame Holy Land. It's impossible to rebuild the latter."

"Ha-ha, let's just wait and see. If the Flame Holy Land really holds a reconstruction ceremony three days later, various sects in the East Mainland will undoubtedly take the opportunity to attack them. I bet it will definitely be an entertaining show to watch."

Judging from their exchange of opinions, it was evident how most of the warriors didn't think that the Flame Holy Land could be rebuilt.

"Yes, people from the Flame Holy Land have the balls to publicly announce the reconstruction, and they even invited all the sects in the East Mainland to attend the ceremony.

Something's fishy about it. I bet there's something more than just that.

You know, the people of the Flame Holy Land seem to be well-prepared this time. Maybe they really have some powerful trump cards up their sleeves."

"I think so too. Have you heard? Not long ago, a reclusive elde

stin found out that most of the cultivators who were reluctant to leave were from the major sects.

He guessed that they were sent here to pry into some useful news.

"Well done, Austin!"

Just then, three elders, four stewards, and some disciples at the Divine Bridge Realm appeared beside him.

"Really? Elder Leder, Elder Damian, are you guys going out?"

Austin asked.

"Yes, we are heading out to recruit new disciples.

Now that we are rebuilding our sect, we have to expand our number soon.

Besides, according to Elder Sharp, we must be in complete control of the three major cities closest to our headquarters, the Fire City, the River City, and the Five Elements City.

Especially the Fire City since it was the industrial base of our Flame Holy Land more than a thousand years ago.

We have to start developing affiliations with them to further strengthen our connections.

I'm going to split our men into three groups so that we can go to the three cities respectively and set up a base for recruitment."

Elder Brendan responded with a light yet serious tone.

"Alright. That's a good idea."

Austin was evidently overjoyed.

He also knew that every dominant sect would control several affiliated cities near the headquarters as its industrial base.

To rebuild the Flame Holy Land and restore its status, they really needed to take control of the nearby cities.

"Well, I'll lead one group,"

Austin proposed.

"Austin, the major sects have their strongholds in the Fire City, the River City, and the Five Elements City. There will definitely be a fight."

Elder Brendan was stunned to hear the initiative of the young man.

"Don't worry, Elder Brendan.

You must have forgotten that it was me who destroyed the stronghold of the Rudimentary Holy Land in the Beyond City last time.

Unless the powerful elders come personally, no one can give me a hard time on the battlefield,"

Austin spoke, his tone full of confidence.

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