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   Chapter 1769 The Flame Holy Land Was Reborn

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Hearing the good news, Austin immediately rushed out of his secret cultivation room.

He ran at a tremendous pace and very soon, reached the entrance where he saw Elder Brendan.

Elder Sharp, three other elders, Earth Hermit, a few stewards and a large group of disciples were also present there.

"Elder Brendan, is it true? Has the Sect-protecting Array really been repaired?"

Austin asked in an excited tone.

"Yes, Austin. It is time to begin the one last step.

Elder Brendan responded in a composed voice, though it reeked of happiness.

"Only the last step remains. We need to unite these resources and form the array."

Elder Sharp chimed in in a serious voice.

At his signal, the three elders and Earth Hermit took out several array flags which seemed to be exuding a mysterious aura.

Each of them then moved into a certain position, calculating each step.


Elder Sharp shouted.

Bang, Bang, Bang.

Tremendous amounts of vital energy forces burst out from the five masters' bodies simultaneously, and the space began to shake. Everything seemed to be vibrating.

If the array was enormous in size, like the way it was here, the array flags needed to be sealed into it with a powerful burst of vital energy force. Otherwise, it wouldn't work.

That was the only way the array could be made strong enough to withstand the erosion of time.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Under some mysterious force, the array flags began to fly around the five masters.

Very soon, armed with powerful vital energy force, they quickly penetrated into the space around them. The reaction caused some sort of ripples which were sent several feet away.

The sight was exhilarating but also fearsome. Austin, the four stewards, and the more than 300 disciples, all retreated to the distance, nervously and excitedly looking at the array forming ceremony that was going on in front of them.

Gradually, as the array flags continued to fly and be absorbed, whoever was present clearly felt that some sort of changes had begun to take place in the Flame Holy Land. These were subtle changes, but still rather obvious ones.

At a speed visible to the naked eye, the spiritual energy around them became more and more dense.

The flowers and trees which had been dull began to turn crystal clear as they became filled with the spiritual energy.

Even Austin was amazed and began to admire the astounding effects of the sect protecting array the elders had left behind.

About an hour later, a loud bang was heard.


The entire earth beneath them began to shake violently.

"It worked."

Elder Sharp and other five masters called out in unison. There was a touch of pleasant ecstasy in their voices.


The ground under everyone's feet was now constantly shaking and swaying like a lamb.

"Oh my God! The earth is shaking! What's going on? Is this an earthquake?"

Some timid disciples began screaming.

"Don't panic.

The array is absorbing the spiritual energy of the heavens and the earth from the outside world. This happens.

The space is trembling because too much spiritual energy has flooded in all of a sudden. It'll be all right as the array stab

r and life!


And then, a portion of space exploded around the dense grassland.

A dark space tunnel appeared in the land beneath and in the place where it had formed, A huge piece of land rushed out.

It reached in level to the earth around it, then slowly ascended about a hundred more meters above it and then stopped moving.

"The Flame Holy Land has now returned to the outside world!"

Elder Brendan exclaimed! On the suspending vast land which had just now come out of the tunnel, more than three hundred figures were peeking around in amazement. They were Austin and his fellows.

Hearing the announcement, the disciples of the Flame Holy Land began to cheer.

Their home was finally reborn.


There was yet another explosion. So loud!

And a huge array rose from the middle of the newly formed land and spread quickly in all directions.

This was the Sect-protecting Array.

As it reached its desired position, 2500 square kilometers of land around it fell under its purview and began to be protected by its powers.

This Sect-protecting Array had been present in the Flame Holy Land for hundreds of thousands of years now. It was of enormous magnitude and had impossible powers.


Spiritual energy was constantly pouring into the place, like high pressure winds.


Small mountains were beginning to form near the boundaries of the land, complete with glaciers and little waterfalls.

"It will take about a year, and several real mountains will appear here,"

Elder Sharp told Austin with a smile as he looked at everything that was going on in front of him.

"Now, it is time to announce to the East Mainland that from now on, this place, is going to be the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land!

Three days later, we will officially hold a reconstruction ceremony and there will be a small feast to mark it.

On that day, all the sects in the East Mainland will be welcome to attend the ceremony!

From now on, our holy land is open to the East Mainland and we will begin recruiting disciples in a week or so."

Elder Sharp's voice resounded through the sky.

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