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   Chapter 1767 The Eye Of The Ghostdom Ancestor

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"Yes, you are right. There was an extra eye between my eyebrows,"

Austin answered with a bitter smile.

The skinny old man forcefully placed something in between Austin's eyebrows. And this turned out to be an eye.

It was an enormous golden eye that was taken from the middle of that human-like creature's eyebrows.

When the old skinny man killed the human-shaped creature, he took its golden eye and used his omnipotent skill to put it into Austin's forehead.

Austin felt great pain when the eye was forcibly integrated between his eyebrows.

The eye had now perfectly settled in between his eyebrows and already became a part of his body.

Although it was quite strange, Austin felt that they were connected by blood.

He was able to see the long and narrow golden eye between his eyebrows through his spiritual sense.

However, the eye was still closed as of the moment.


Austin suddenly found a piece of information in his Soul Sea.

He then checked it immediately.

It was a message from the skinny old man.

Austin got to know the identity of the human-shaped creature after he read the message.

Tomber was a human-shaped creature that came from a world called Ghostdom.

It was said that he was one of the masters of the Ghostdom.

This bloodthirsty creature used to hunt humans and treat them as delicacies.

He had three eyes, and the one in the middle was called the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor.

The Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor had the power to see through everything in the world.

Its power was terrifying because it could devour all the souls, spirit, and spiritual sense.

It could also absorb all the energy.

Those weak cultivators should avoid meeting the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor. Once they do, their spiritual soul would be immediately devoured, and their bodies would instantly turn into corpses.

The more spiritual soul the eye absorbed, the more powerful it became. Eventually, it would emit a terrifying light that could kill anything. This was called the Light of Ghostdom Ancestor's Eye.

The Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor was dreadfully powerful.

"Tomber... The Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor..."

Austin murmured. Although he was left shocked after reading the information from his Soul Sea, he couldn't help but feel ecstatic, knowing that he now possessed something very powerful.

"The old man is very generous for giving me such a precious present.

I will have another powerful trump card with this magical eye,"

Austin murmured.

"Master, what happened? Why do you look so happy?"

Violet asked curiously. She couldn't help but wonder why Austin's face was glowing with exciteme

ur Flame Holy Land. How can you call me brother, I don't deserve such greeting," Rahul said humbly.

Being in front of Austin made him felt a little embarrassed.

He couldn't help but sigh as he looked at Austin.

When they first met, Austin's cultivation base was much lower than him.

But now, Austin was highly regarded in their land. He was now someone that he should look up to.

"Hey bro! Don't say that.

You'll always be my bro. Nothing has changed.

So please call me Austin and not Holy Heritor,"

Austin said sincerely with a smile.

"Ha-ha! Okay," Rahul replied with a laugh.

He now felt more comfortable after he heard Austin's words.

His humbleness made him feel very grateful.

He deeply appreciated Austin's friendliness. Despite the difference in their status, he was still treated the same way as before.

'I will stand by Austin's side forever, ' he swore to himself.

"Hey, Rahul! You became very powerful! Your cultivation base has grown to the preliminary stage of Divine Bridge Realm.

Not bad."

It took a while before Austin realized that Rahul's cultivation base was now at the preliminary stage of Divine Bridge Realm.

"I'm just a pathetic boy compared with you.

I'm too embarrassed to even mention my cultivation base in front of you," Rahul replied.

Austin felt guilty and shook his head.

"Austin... Holy Heritor!"

A light and pleasant voice suddenly disrupted their conversation.

Austin looked up and saw a beautiful person standing a few meters away from him. Her beautiful eyes were obsessively looking at him.

"Hello, Zoe,"

Austin greeted.

It was Zoe, a female disciple of the Flame Holy Land.

He looked into her eyes and smiled bitterly.

Her crazy gaze made him feel very uncomfortable.

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