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   Chapter 1766 A Present

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As the man shouted, a skinny hand suddenly reached out. It blocked the tongue after going through the misty void.

The withered hand looked old and weak; but suddenly, with only a gentle touch, it was already holding the scarlet tongue in its palm.


The tall human-shaped creature let out a loud roar and wanted to draw the scarlet tongue back.


He clenched his fist, and the scarlet tongue exploded as it turned into a cloud of blood.

Austin and his two companions had a narrow escape from death. They could not believe that they even survived but they were thankful that they did.

Pleased, they looked at the owner of the withered hand gratefully. He was sitting cross-legged at a distance, staring at them.

It was the skinny old man whom they already had the pleasure of meeting before. No one noticed when he had appeared in front of Austin again.

According to the gnome, the old man must once have meditated at the place ten thousand years ago.

And what Austin and his two companions witnessed actually happened ten thousand years ago.

But the old man, who meditated ten thousand years ago exactly at the place where Austin and his companions were passing by, had saved them a short while ago.

'Could this old man be so powerful that he could travel the endless space and time to save people ten thousand years later?'

The more Austin thought about it, the more terrified he felt.

It was just like a fairy tale.


The human-shaped creature had its tongue broken due to the old man's unexpected attack. In great pain, it couldn't help but roar loudly to the sky.

But it also knew clearly that the old man was too powerful for it to provoke.

So instead, the creature turned around and fled feeling defeated.

"It's too late," the skinny old man said in a low voice.

Austin and his companions stared at him in surprise.

Although he was not far from Austin, he looked so surreal as if one was watching flowers in the mist or seeing the moon from the water.

Austin concentrated and released his spiritual sense to hopefully explore the location of the old man, but found that there was no one there.

His brows furrowing, he found it weird that the old man couldn't be detected by his spiritual sense.


with his teeth gritted. His whole body was shaking violently, and he had to endure the pain passed from between his eyebrows to his soul.

"Hey, little guys, this place is very dangerous. The time and space have been twisted to an extreme degree.

Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to see each other ten thousand years apart.

Not long after, the void here will completely disappear. It will become a permanent quiet place where there is neither time nor space.

So, now I will send you all back to the East Mainland of the Divine Continent."

The voice of the skinny old man sounded gently in the ears of Austin, the gnome and Violet.

The next moment, a strong spatial teleportation power came, wrapping Austin and his two companions.

The three felt that their bodies were whirling around as they moved.

A moment later, the three stopped at the same time.

"We have returned to the East Mainland,"

Violet screamed.

On the other side, Austin was still sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed. He was still suffering from great pain caused by the old man.

Then only two hours later, he felt much better.

The pain began to fade away slowly.

"Ouch! It hurts!"

Austin slowly opened his eyes. He was looking pale and weak from the struggling he had.

A sigh escaped from his lips when he found that his clothes were all wet with sweat, as if he had just been pulled out of the water.

"What?! Master, you have one more eye!"

Violet exclaimed, looking at Austin in astonishment.

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