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   Chapter 1765 In Danger

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They saw a skinny old man not far from them. He was sitting cross-legged in the air.

This old man sat still with his eyes closed.

"Is he dead?"

Violet said softly, as they couldn't even make out whether he was breathing or not.

Indeed, the old man didn't look like he was alive. Motionless and lifeless, he sat there.

Upon that, there was hardly any flesh on his body. His skin was wrinkled and covered the skeleton, looking very dry. It was so dehydrated, like there was not a drop of water in his body.

"He might be dead!

Probably, he was another great master who buried his body in the chaotic space after his death.

The only difference is that the golden giant put his body in the coffin, while the old man didn't do anything like that.

Rather, the old man just left his body in the infinitely huge space."

Austin nodded in agreement. He too was thinking that the old man was dead.

However, just at that moment, he was proved wrong.

Suddenly, the old man opened his eyes. Two rays of light instantly pierced through the void. It looked as if the light had gone for a long time and space, and finally landed on Austin, the gnome and Violet.

"It's funny. I can't believe this! Ten thousand years later, these three youngsters can see the previous version of myself — that I was ten thousand years ago,"

the old man murmured. His voice was soft, but with a strong penetrating power. It clearly reached Austin and his two companions' ears.

"How can this happen?"

the gnome cried out in surprise.

"The old man who is in front of us is no longer here in the physical and actual form.

We are seeing him as he was ten thousand years ago.

It implies that ten thousand years ago, this old man meditated in this chaotic space.

Now ten thousand years later, we are here and can see the old man sitting and meditating here, like he used to do ten thousand years ago!"

The gnome was shocked when he realized it.

"What? Really? It is unbelievable!"

Austin and Violet were confused by the gnome's words.

"Gnome, are you sure? Don't you think you're talking nonsense?

Do you mean to say that the scene of the old man meditating in front of us now, in fact, happened ten thousand years ago?

And do you mean to say that he is not here now?"

Austin asked as he was shocked at what the gnome was saying.

"Phew! Finally it got into your head!"

The gnome took a deep breath, glad that Austin was able to understand it now.

"Yes, that's right.

y someone!"

Violet and the gnome cried out in alarm, at the same time. They were visibly terrified.

The chaotic space around them was completely suppressed. It was done by the presence of the mysterious force released by the tall human-shaped creature.

The tall creature suddenly moved its eyes in the direction of Austin and the others.

"Ha ha!"

The tall creature in human form suddenly laughed devilishly and had a ferocious smile as it fixed its eyes on the three of them.

To their surprise, the creature suddenly opened its big mouth. A scarlet tongue shot out of it and came darting at them like a bolt of lightning.

"Master, it looks like he is going to eat us!"

Violet shouted. Her voice showed how terrified she was. She even had goose bumps all over her body.

Austin and the gnome were surprised too. It was a hair-raising thing to see.

Quickly, Austin communicated with the Slave Tower through his mind. He wanted to get away from there by transporting the three of them into it.

He got the shock of his life when he couldn't send his thoughts out. It was as if his mind was cut off and was unable to communicate with the Slave Tower at the moment.

'Damn it! My body, my spiritual sense, and my mind are all suppressed by the power of this strange creature.

Damn it! I am done away with this time! All this is over!'

Austin grumbled to himself as he was certain that it was his end.

"Next time, I will never wander around in a chaotic space again!"

Violet also broke down into tears, pulling a long face.

"Evil beast! Go to hell!"

Just then, a faint voice with endless majesty rang out, uttering those words.

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