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   Chapter 1764 Into The Void Space

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10055

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"Finally, I have regained ninety percent of my blood power!

In fact, the spatial power is the biggest improvement I have made, and anyway, I feel that this time, my breakthrough is in the aspect of teleportation power, which is at least ten times more than I have ever made,"

the gnome declared excitedly with pride.

"Ninety percent of blood power? Wow! Oh my goodness! Then, soon if you regained ten more percent of the blood power, you will be able to get rid of the identity of a demonic beast and become a real beast race with a human form!"

Violet praised with awe and admiration.

Austin smiled at the gnome. The ancient beasts were normally born with noble blood. Once they would be able to awaken all the blood power in their body, they could transform into human beings.

Austin cleared his throat and said, "Well, gnome, why don't you show us your teleportation ability?"

Austin himself also had practiced the power of space, so he wanted to know what level that gnome had reached and also the gnome's gift in space.

The gnome's eyes lit up in excitement. He was itching to try and show off.

"Okay, okay," the gnome replied cheerfully.

Then, the gnome took a few precautionary steps back and waved his paws in the air.

When the gnome threw out his paws, nothing happened. It did not show any demonic power at all.


Both Austin and Violet exchanged confused glances.

It looked like the gnome was just waving his paws to swat away flies in the air.

However, in that unexpected moment, an explosion sound could be heard in a dense forest thousands of meters away.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"What the?"

"What's going on?"

Austin and Violet's eyes widened in surprise. They were both taken aback by the sudden explosion. They both looked around and were overwhelmed by the vast demon energy that filled the air. The energy was so powerful that it razed the thick forest to the ground in a flash.

Austin knew that the energy was equivalent to the vital energy force of a human cultivator of the Divine Bridge Realm.

Out of curiosity, Austin asked, "I didn't catch you employ any demonic power. How did you make it happen in the distance?"

"Oh well, this is an inherent martial art skill I started to grab in my memories.

It's a martial art skill of our gnome race.

After casting out the attack with the demonic energy, the energy would disintegrate into the space and become invisible. That's why it is difficult to be noticed.

It would be a sudden attack, and since it couldn't be seen, the opponent would not be able to have the time to defend against it,"

the gnome explained with a huge smile.

Violet covered her mouth in surprise.

"Oh, gnome, I can't believe you are already starting to awaken the inherent martial art skill.

I don't mean to be offensive, but don't our martial skill awaken only after regaining all of our blood power?"

"To be honest, I don't really know what's going on, but all I know is that the mar

in this coffin.

"Well, we could give it a try,"

the gnome agreed and led the way to the huge black coffin.

"Wait, there's a person on the coffin,"

Violet said all of a sudden.

Both Austin and the gnome immediately noticed the person soon after.

There was a tall figure sitting cross-legged on the huge coffin.

The figure's whole body looked like he dove in a huge bucket of golden paint, making him look like a giant made entirely out of gold.

As they moved closer, they felt an extremely terrible pressure of energy, coming from the golden giant.

Although the three of them were still quite far away from the coffin, they already sensed the danger.

They raised their guard up as danger could come at any moment.

When they got close a little bit more, Austin stopped and warned. "Stop. I don't think we should go any further. That is a remnant soul, and it must have been left there by the owner of the coffin to protect his bones.

Besides, I am certain that we are no match for it at all. If we go there, we might be walking towards our death."

Because Austin's spiritual sense was the most powerful one among the three of them, he had sensed that very fact and knew that they should not tread on further.

Not wanting to plunge in on their deaths, the gnome took Austin and Violet and immediately left the vicinity.

After all, the power emitted from that golden giant was too terrifying to keep lingering on.

Judging by the energy, Austin guessed that it might be much more powerful than the holy lords and the reclusive elders in the East Mainland.

After half an hour of walking around in the void space, Austin caught sight of another unusual thing.

"Oh? Look! There is an old man over there!" he said in amazement and disbelief.

Violet followed Austin's gaze and leaned her head on the side curiously.

"How could there be a living person in the void space alone?

By any chance, is he also a cultivator of spatial power?" murmured Violet.

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