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   Chapter 1763 A New Breakthrough For Gnome

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Austin sat cross-legged on the floor of the secret cultivation room surrounded by over a million spiritual crystals.

The energy from the spiritual crystals swarmed towards the spiritual tree that was floating above his head.

The spiritual tree was now about twenty meters tall.

Its branches were green and very prosperous. It released a powerful spiritual sense while its thick roots were floating freely in the air.

Austin had obtained it when it was only just a sapling, but now it had grown into a big magnificent tree.

At the same time, the lake of spiritual sense inside Austin's Soul Sea had also expanded.

Austin assumed that the lake now occupied an area of about six to seven hundred acres.

Ripples appeared on the surface of the lake from time to time.

It took a while for Austin to cultivate inside the secret room, because the spiritual tree took quite some time before it was able to finish absorbing all the energy from the spiritual crystals.

'Now, it's time for me to refine a new Spiritual Pot, '

Austin thought after he put the spiritual tree back to his Soul Sea.

He immediately started working for a new Spiritual Pot.

The next day, a new Spiritual Pot had been successfully cast.

This time, the new Spiritual Pot was two meters tall.

It was bigger compared to the old Spiritual Pot that was only half a meter high.

This new Spiritual Pot would be more powerful than the previous one.

Austin was very satisfied as he looked at the new Spiritual Pot in the Omnipotent Pot.

'I think I can use this new Spiritual Pot to deal with a Major-perfection Realm master, ' he thought.

Austin's pondering was suddenly interrupted.

It was Violet's voice that rang out from his Soul Sea.

"Master, gnome seems to be making a breakthrough soon.

He is now cultivating in your City model.

I was able to talk to gnome before he started his cultivation. It seems that he was not keen cultivating inside the City model. He said it lacked energy, and it is not a good place for him to reach a higher realm because of so many restrictions inside it.

He knows that you are busy, but if you could help him, he wanted you to find him a quiet place outside the City model so that he can succ

a real part of beast race, and then I can turn into my human form whenever I like without illusions.

Now, I am practically still a demonic beast. That's different,"

Violet answered.

"I see."

Austin nodded.

A day later.


Suddenly, the whole valley started to shake violently.

"I think the gnome is finally breaking through!"

Austin and Violet looked into the valley happily.

The violent demonic aura rolled around the entire valley.

The gnome released a demonic energy. It created a strong wind that uprooted many trees and flowers around him.

Two hours later, the strong wind finally subsided.

"He did it!"

Both Austin and Violet heaved a sigh of relief.

The next moment, a figure jumped between Austin and Violet.

It was the gnome.

"Gnome, how strong are you now?"

Austin asked.

"I think I am now as strong as the Divine Bridge Realm human cultivator.

I am also very confident that I can defeat the cultivators at the premium stage of Divine Bridge Realm," the gnome replied.

Although he tried to sound as calm as he could, Austin and Violet could tell from the tone that the gnome was excited and proud of the progress he had made.

"That's awesome!

You and Violet don't make many breakthroughs but when you do, you progress rapidly."

Austin was delighted.

"How much of your blood power has been awakened during the breakthrough?

Is there any progress with your teleportation ability?"

Austin asked curiously.

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