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   Chapter 1762 Taking Austin Out

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It only took half a day for the news of Austin destroying the stronghold of the Rudimentary Holy Land in the Beyond City to spread like wildfire.

For the past three days, it could be seen that Austin wasn't going to stop and rest soon after beating up Steward Sebastia of the Vasteras Holy Land and ruined one of the Rudimentary Holy Land's strongholds.

As for Austin, all that he did made him focus more.

Most of the cultivators talked about what Austin had done.

"Wow, that Austin is amazing!"

"Totally agreed. He could easily surpass anyone at this point."

"No doubt that Austin is now the best cultivator among the young generation of the East Mainland."

"That's right. Not even the young disciples of the top forces including the three holy lands and the three prominent clans can match Austin."

It was clear that Austin's reputation and actions earned high praise and respect from these cultivators.

However, it wasn't applicable to all. Many cultivators still had different opinions about Austin.

Some spoke ill about Austin, especially those coming from the holy lands, the prominent clans, and several first-class sects. They did not think that Austin should be called the best among the young cultivators, and that he was just like anyone else in his generation in the East Mainland.

"There is no reason to think that Austin is the strongest young cultivator in the East Mainland.

A couple of years ago, many of the elites from the three holy lands, the three prominent clans, and some first-class sects all went to the four famous martial arts schools of the Middle Pilgrim Land.

After spending so many years there, I bet that they are much more powerful.

Once the elite disciples finish their education and return, for sure, Austin would just be a piece of cake for them to handle."

"You're right. I almost forgot about them.

Once those excellent disciples in the Middle Pilgrim Land return, Austin would have no choice but to back away and he would not even dare stir up any more trouble."

"Agreed. There is no doubt that those disciples are the most excellent elites.

Maybe Austin is just better than us, but I am certain that he would just be finished off by those elites in a heartbeat."

After these talks and recollection of the elites studying in the Middle Pilgrim Land, Austin had earned insults among the other young cultivators, who were deep inside just jealous of what Austin, who was almost the same age as them, could already do.

Meanwhile, back in the headquarters of the Rudimentary Holy Land, there was a secret base.

In the depths of the place, there was a huge palace floating in the air.

The palace was surrounded by dozens of old and mysterious arrays that were strong enough to stop anyone who tried to destroy the place.


dquarters of the Deep Sea Commercial House and joined hands with Yannick to take Alonzo down,"

the steward added.

The reclusive elders of the Rudimentary Holy Land and even the holy lord were all shocked by the report.

"What? Yannick Ren colluded with Ward Xiao? Is that really true?" the holy lord asked, not expecting to be surprised more than he was moments ago.

"Yes, I am certain. After taking down Alonzo, Yannick held a huge feast and treated Ward Xiao in the headquarters of the Deep Sea Commercial House.

The news has already spread across the East Mainland,"

the steward replied, still with a poker expression.

The holy lord grunted. "Huh! I did not think that Yannick would conspire with that bandit Ward Xiao.

Well then, it will be more difficult for us to deal with him,"

the holy lord said with a frown even though he wanted to believe otherwise.

Meanwhile, while the holy lord and his reclusive elders were having a meeting, Austin had already returned to the former headquarters of the Flame Holy Land.

He smiled and felt satisfied after getting what he wanted, and that was to destroy Rudimentary Holy Land's stronghold in the Beyond City.

As soon as he came back, he saw Elder Sharp busy repairing the Sect-protecting Array along with Elder Brendan and Elder Hermit.

Austin walked over towards them and asked Elder Sharp how long would it still take for them to fix the array.

"Six days, more or less," the elder replied.

Elder Sharp decided that once the array was repaired six days later, he would announce to the entire East Mainland that the Flame Holy Land was officially rebuilt.

"Finally, I can already feel that day come!"

Austin said excitedly.

In the following six days, as Austin waited for the array to be completely repaired, he stayed on the peak where he lived and cultivated in seclusion.

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