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   Chapter 1761 Destruction And More Prisoners

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Austin glared at them. "Get out of my face!" he shouted indifferently.

He immediately waved his sleeve, and a current of violent vital energy force was suddenly released.

With that sudden blow, the remaining disciples of the Rudimentary Holy Land were knocked back and fell on the ground of a distant street.

Austin purposely threw them away. He had no desire to beat these disciples who were at the Emperor Realm at all.

Besides, dealing with a cultivator at the Emperor Realm was a piece of cake to him.

With those out of the way, Austin then concentrated his mind.


In an instant, a huge, golden ball of light as big as an average house blew out of his elixir field and dashed towards the gate of the base of the Rudimentary Holy Land.

The golden fire burned, and heat waves made the space a little distorted.

After reaching the fourth level of the Golden Sun Scripture, Austin had long since found out that the power of the four golden balls in his elixir field was at least several times stronger than it was before.


Less than a minute had passed, and the whole gate exploded and collapsed.

Hearing the sudden explosion, people in the base started shouting in fright. They all turned towards the loud crash. Some even flashed out from every corner in the base and ran towards the gate to see what was going on. "What happened?"

"Where did that explosion come from?"

"Oh my goodness! The gate is destroyed!"

"Who the hell is that? How dare someone come to our land and make trouble?"


Having caught sight of Austin, a lean man immediately rushed in front of Austin in a flash.

Wearing a long apricot robe, the man was lean and about 50 years old. He stared at Austin with his dagger eyes.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

In just a few seconds, hundreds of other people also rushed towards Austin and stood beside the lean old man.

Three of them were middle-aged men, having the vital energy force fluctuations of the Minor-perfection Realm.

They were exactly at the preliminary stage of Minor-perfection Realm.

The lean man eyed Austin carefully and asked, "Young man, who are you?

What are you doing here? Why are you here causing trouble in our base?"

Despite feeling angry by what Austin did, the lean old man was still smart. He was very cautious and wanted to find out Austin's identity first before he decided how to deal with him.

It was unusual and definitely quite impossible until now that a young man dared to come to the base of the Rudimentary Holy Land and make such a big mess.

'Since he has dared to do such thing, maybe he has a powerful background, ' the lean man guessed.

"How silly of you! Don't you remember me? None even a tiny bit?

Let me refresh your memory. My name is Austin Lin!"

Austin revealed his name directly and without any hesitation.

From the very beginning, Austin planned to announce and make others know about his arrival at the Beyond City.

With that plan, he might be able to prevent the cultivators from the big sects tracing him and finding


Your land engaged in the action of besieging the base of our Flame Holy Land, and even killed so many of our disciples.

Think about the blood debt! All this is how it is going to end,"

Austin replied with a sarcastic laugh.

He then turned to glance at the sealed disciples of the Rudimentary Holy Land. He placed his hands behind his back and sneered at them, "Well, should I kill you or not? Hmm."

"Austin, wait!

We, the Rudimentary Holy Land, will never forget what you have done to us!"

At that very moment, the lean old man immediately rushed out of the base.

It turned out that he was already able to get rid of the sealing power of the demonic avatar.

"Oooh, you're trying to escape? No way!"

Austin sneered, not even feeling panic from the lean old man's release, and waved his hand.


In an instant, a beam of black light caught up with the lean old man.

After hearing the energy coming towards him, the lean old man was shocked. He turned around and threw his palm towards the black light. A current of great force hit the black light like a huge wave.

However, the light was too powerful. It broke through the old man's defense, shooting into the old man's head from between his eyebrows.

Feeling the impact, the lean old man let out a scream.


"Wow, will you look at that? The Unrivaled Black Dagger is really powerful!"

Austin shouted and couldn't help but praise the Unrivaled Black Dagger.

During the past two days, Austin had been refining the Unrivaled Black Dagger that used to belong to Steward Sebastia.

Now, this had become Austin's magic treasure.

As Austin witnessed the fall of the old man, he turned towards the others, who looked at him with pale and blank eyes. 'The rest of them should be imprisoned. Maybe they will be of use in the future!' he thought.

With that, Austin used his mind to transfer all of the people of the Rudimentary Holy Land from its base to the Slave Tower, imprisoning them.

Next, he turned around and left the Beyond City.

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