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   Chapter 1760 The Stronghold Of The Rudimentary Holy Land

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When a cultivator burned his blood essence, his strength would be improved instantaneously. In such a case, Austin knew he couldn't catch up to the steward.

"Humph! I'll let you off, this time!"

Austin snorted coldly as he looked at the golden light that disappeared in the sky.

Although Austin had defeated the steward of the Vasteras Holy Land, he was not very excited.

Because not long ago, in the Sunset City, Austin had killed an elder of the Rudimentary Holy Land.

Given that he had already defeated the elder of the Rudimentary Holy Land, leaving a steward alive was a disappointment for him.

A dead silence fell between the disciples. What they witnessed was unbelievable.

In the eyes of the disciples, a steward of the Major-perfection Realm was an infallible being.

Seeing him beaten so easily by a young man was something the disciples could not imagine. The steward even had to use a secret skill, which could consume his blood essence just to help him flee.

Such an unfortunate turn of events was shocking to them.

"Damn it! Run!"

Suddenly, someone sobered up from the state of shock and shouted with panic.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

In an instant, all of them activated their bodily movement skills to escape from the place.

This time, they were really scared to death.

Even the steward of the holy land had come, he was no match for Austin. How could they dare to face him again?

After a while, there was no one else in the place except Austin.

"Unrivaled Black Dagger? What a joke!"

Austin took the dagger once owned by Steward Sebastia from his demonic avatar's hand and examined it carefully.

Steward Sebastia ran away with his tail tucked between his legs, and this dagger was held tightly in the hand of Austin's demonic avatar. He didn't dare to take it back.

The dagger looked rather traditional and unadorned. When Austin held it in his hand, he felt it was somewhat dull and heavy.

However, Austin had witnessed firsthand the terrible power of this dagger.

If it weren't for the fact that his demonic avatar had blocked its attack, Austin would have suffered the consequences.

"Well, the dagger seems to contain very brilliant spatial power.

Once it is activated, it has a devastating attack th

of the guards when he noticed Austin.

Hearing this, all the disciples followed his gaze and also found Austin.

They saw a young man walking towards the gate, swaggering like he owned the place.

Austin's behavior vexed the disciples and irritated them.

"Son of a bitch! Do you even know where you are!

This is not a place that you can just walk into!" a disciple said.

"If you don't want to die, get out of here as far as you can!" another disciple exclaimed.

"Brat, stop! Are you deaf? Can't you hear us?" They were running out of patience. Austin's impudence was putting them on edge.

Then three disciples walked towards him.

They had no idea that the young man was Austin.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Before they could even reach Austin, they were blown away by a vital energy force that was powerful enough to incapacitate them in one hit.

These disciples who were guarding the gate were all at the Emperor Realm.

Austin was now at the Minor-perfection Realm. They were obviously no match for him.

Austin could defeat them with only a little bit of his vital energy force.

"How did you— You bastard!"

"Who the hell are you? Have you no idea where you are?! This is the Rudimentary Holy Land's base!

If you make trouble here, the consequence will be dire!" the other disciples warned Austin.

The disciples acted tough but they were in fact afraid of Austin.

After seeing how strong he was, they dared to make no move.

The only thing they could do was to swear at Austin.

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