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   Chapter 1759 Defeating Steward Sebastia

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The four Buddha statues that sat cross-legged behind Steward Sebastia suddenly got up.

In the next second, the four statues moved at an incredibly fast speed

that they reached the four golden balls' spot in an instant.

All at once, the Buddha statues stretched out their hands to hit the four golden balls.

Then, they chanted in a chorus, with their voices ringing in the sky.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

The four statues and the four golden balls fought intensely.

It was unclear which would win in this battle even when minutes had already passed.

Steward Sebastia saw everything with his own eyes. He looked utterly downcast.

He hadn't expected that Austin would display such a powerful abnormal vision.

Though his cultivation base was a realm higher than Austin's, he felt that the latter wasn't one he could defeat quickly.

He might've refused to believe it, but Austin turned out to be a more promising cultivator than he was.

If they were on the same level, Austin would undoubtedly defeat him.

"Austin, you're more powerful than I had imagined.

But that doesn't mean you could win against me! I'm gonna end you now!"

Steward Sebastia screamed angrily, determined to take Austin more seriously.

He couldn't afford to be complacent.

He got too angry and embarrassed to just let Austin defeat him.


A dagger appeared on his palm.

At first glance, one wouldn't think that this dagger was a powerful treasure. It was too simple, unnoticeable even.

Then, Steward Sebastia infused his vital energy into the weapon, turning it into a bright yet terrifying dagger.

People were startled.

"Whoa, what is that dagger?"

Austin couldn't help his shock and amazement.

'That's not an ordinary dagger. I have a feeling that it is powerful, ' he thought.

He started to feel awful afterward. His skin felt like burning as if he was getting hit non-stop by the invisible cold radiance that the dagger emitted.

"Well, Austin, I know you're strong. But sorry, I'm not sorry to tell you that you won't be able to withstand my Unrivaled Black Dagger. Unless... you have the ultimate magical treasure,"

Steward Sebastia said, his tone cold and his expression both cruel and condescending.

The dagger was his most powerful magic treasure. No other weapon could be on par with it except for the ultimate magical treasure.

Steward Sebastia obtained this dagger in an ancient cave when he left the East Mainland to sharpen his fighting skills. Since then, it had always been his most powerful trump card.

With Austin proving to be an unexpectedly difficult opponent, he had no choice but to unleash this powerful weapon of his.


Under Steward Sebastia's control, the Unrivaled Black Dagger left his hand and transformed once more into a cold radiance. Then, it flew steadily towards Austin.


injured Steward Sebastia.

"Fuck off!" Steward Sebastia screamed.

With his remaining strength, he raised his hand to grab Austin's Infernal Sword.

Austin felt his arm, which was holding the sword, go numb. He could not feel his sword that it almost slipped from his grasp. 'This Steward Sebastia is really something, ' Austin thought, sighing.

Nonetheless, the demonic avatar remained under his control.

He commanded it to rush directly towards Steward Sebastia.

"The third stage of World Sealing Tabooed Magic!"

Austin shouted once more.

The demonic symbols appeared again, filling the sky and the ground and sealing the whole space anew.

Steward Sebastia felt as though he was cemented on the very soil he was stepping on.

With a roar, he released all his vital energy force.

A blazing gold radiance burst out from his body.

Good thing, Austin wasn't blinded by this light. He kept wielding his sword towards Steward Sebastia's neck.

The latter was overwhelmed with fear upon seeing Austin's excellent sword skill.

It was worth noting that the Infernal Scripture was an ancient scripture owned by the Infernal Sect. Needless to say, all the skills recorded in that scripture were enough to send the worst chills in everyone's spine.


Steward Sebastia knew his life was at stake.

In a desperate move, he used the secret skill of burning his blood essence. Luckily for him, he evaded Austin's attack by tilting his head.

Still, Austin managed to cut off his right arm. His blood spurted over the ground.

Though his voice had gotten weaker, Steward Sebastia left a bold warning to Austin. "You think you defeated me today, ha-ha. You won't celebrate for long. You've been warned, Austin. You shall die in my hands!"

Before Austin could make another move, Steward Sebastia used his secret skill once more, turned into a golden light, and vanished from sight.

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