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   Chapter 1758 Abnormal Vision Against Abnormal Vision

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9834

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Austin used the bodily movement skill he had created. Then in a flash, he retreated thousands of meters away.

Steward Sebastia pounded on the air. A rumble was heard where his fist landed. Suddenly, many cracks that were as thin as human hair appeared in the space.

Austin was deeply shocked. The master at the Major-perfection Realm was really powerful. Even just his punch could almost break the space.

Austin immediately pulled back the Invincible Bow and locked his vital energy onto Steward Sebastia. In an instant, arrows beaming purple light shot out like heavy rain from the sky.

Each arrow of purple light would consume Austin's vital energy. But since he had sufficient vital energy at present, it didn't matter to him.

It seemed like he could squander all the vital energy if he wanted to.

The arrows whizzed past and created a chilling air current.

The purple arrows flew across the sky and directed towards Steward Sebastia.

Steward Sebastia was obviously furious. He didn't expect that Austin could have such a high level archery skill.

The arrows looked like being shot randomly but the truth was, they were closely locked on Sebastia's vital energy. Thus, they were inescapable.

It seemed that Steward Sebastia could no longer evade the pursuit of the purple light arrows no matter how much he tried to escape.

In short, he could only withstand it head-on.

"Humph!" snorted Steward Sebastia coldly.

His eyes also emitted a very icy aura.

He moved sideways quickly to avoid the arrowheads. Meanwhile, the vital energy force gushed out of his body and hit the purple light arrow hard.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Steward Sebastia managed to knock down some arrows which were shot in other direction. They all exploded because of his vital energy force.

Austin marveled at the significant strength of Steward Sebastia. Needless to say, this man was really extraordinary.

He was able to pluck away the arrows shot by the Invincible Bow with his bare hands. Not everyone could do something like this.

When Austin noticed that Steward Sebastia kept on warding off the arrows, he continued to shoot at his fastest speed while moving backwards.

But Steward Sebastia also kept on knocking away the purple arrows. He was looking for an opportunity to rush towards Austin.

After a while, Steward Sebastia's arms got burnt. After warding off all the purple light arrows that aimed at his body one after another, gradually, his arms were in agony until they went numb.

Austin seized the opportunity and shot the arrows at an even faster speed.

Austin's movement was as fast as lightning. He drew the bow desperately without thinking about the possible consequences.

The purple light arrows became dense in the sky and Steward Sebastia was completely covered by them. There was no way he could avoid any of them anymore.

This was one of the characteristics of the Magic Archery skill

man like Austin forced him into a situation like this.

He was a respected person and everyone looked up to him. But this young man just put him in such an embarrassing situation.

The other disciples were all stunned. They couldn't believe their eyes that Austin fought back with Steward Sebastia and even forced him to retreat.

Only now did they realize that Austin was much more powerful than them.

Austin was almost the same age to them or maybe younger than them.

But Austin's strength had already reached the level of a steward from the holy lands.

It was undeniable that the principal disciples of the three holy lands and noble clans were much weaker than Austin.

The disciples whispered to each other and soon created a loud noise together.

Steward Sebastia's shouts were drowned in the noise made by the disciples.

Suddenly, a vast golden world suddenly appeared behind him. It lighted up the sky.

In this golden world, there were many splendid palaces. Inside the palaces, a lot of Buddha statues were seated in an empty space. These Buddhas looked very kind and peaceful. They were reading the ancient Buddhist scriptures in a low but clear voice.

This was the abnormal vision of the Vasteras Scripture of the Vasteras Holy Land.

This time, Steward Sebastia burst into an uncontrollable anger. His whole body was bathed in brilliant golden light.

"Austin, today is your day. You are doomed!" roared Steward Sebastia again.

Steward Sebastia stopped retreating so the fierce battle continued. The situation was getting more and more tense. Steward Sebastia had already used almost all of his powerful fighting skills.

He knew that if he couldn't kill Austin today, the news would break out. People would talk about it and his reputation would be ruined forever.

On the other hand, Austin's reputation would rise in the East Mainland and would overshadow all of them. That was something he would never allow.

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