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   Chapter 1757 Austin Versus Steward Sebastia

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10351

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"You're getting too cocky for your own good, Austin. Steward Sebastia is here. How dare you say something like that?"

"Steward Sebastia, please teach this brat a good lesson. Finish him!"

"Steward Sebastia, you can't let that bastard go. He killed a lot of disciples from our Vasteras Holy Land!

Aside from that, he's also holding hostage the Holy Son Eisen from our Vasteras Holy Land!"

The disciples from the Vasteras Holy Land surrounding Steward Sebastia were starting to cause a ruckus. Their hate for Austin was palpable in the air.

"What a bunch of losers! Fuck all of you!" Austin shouted, his tone mocking.

"You're all shouting now, huh? If I remember correctly, you all just ran away like a group of coward mutts a while ago! Keep barking!"

"Austin, who are you calling a mutt?"

The disciples of the Vasteras Holy Land were immediately filled with anger. That time, they realized that with all their strengths combined, they could not overcome someone as powerful as Austin.

The disciples of the Vasteras Holy Land always took pride that they were from the Eastern Mainland wherever they went.

After all, the Vasteras Holy Land was one of the strongest forces in the said area.

So when Austin pointed out how cowardly they ran away from him, they became deeply hurt, and they started to see him as someone they must eliminate.

No disciple of the Vasteras Holy Land would be quiet when they were mocked and likened a mutt!

Their shrieks became more shrill and violent. From the way they were behaving, it was clear that they wanted Austin dead.

"Enough, all of you!" shouted Steward Sebastia. His face, however, was devoid of any emotion.

"Stop it right this instance!"

Everyone in the area felt the ground shake a little bit. That was how powerful Steward Sebastia was.

The power in his roar was enough to make the earth tremble, and instill fear in everyone's hearts.

Silence blanketed the whole space. Everyone was clearly scared, and they were all looking at Steward Sebastia cautiously.

In the East Mainland, a steward of a holy land was considered to be a very powerful being.

Steward Sebastia, however, was in a different league. The disciples from different sects paid him a special kind of respect mainly because they were very, very afraid of him.

"Austin, I have no time to listen to you talk," Steward Sebastia said quietly, his voice still devoid of any emotion. "Release the Holy Son of our sect immediately.

After you do that, follow me back to the Vasteras Holy Land. There, I will give you the punishment you deserve."

The tone of his voice was cold and ruthless, but its velvety quality made it beautiful to listen to.

His blonde hair, which was hanging loose around his shoulders, was flowing with the little breeze that was blowing in the area. Also, a golden light suddenly illuminated him, lending more clarity to his features and expression. He was beautiful, but his stone-cold features made everyone feel uneasy.

Austin, on the other hand, had been hiding his true vital energy force fluctuation

to Austin, had apparently achieved a very high level of comprehension of enlightening.

In that respect, Austin was far inferior to him.

Austin had only reached the level of sword potential in terms of understanding the rules of heaven and earth.

What was more, it had been a long time since Austin practiced his sword skills.

That was because after he came to the Divine Continent, he hadn't had the chance to acquire any superior sword skills.

Because of that, he hadn't made any progress in the comprehension of sword potential. Basically, he was still at the level of sword potential as before.

As Austin was contemplating on this, Steward Sebastia's fist towards Austin was drawing nearer and nearer.

He was so fast that barely anyone could see him.

Quickly and with more and more intensity, Austin felt the formidable vital energy force was pressing on him.


In the blink of an eye, Austin released his vital energy force. The vital energy force of the preliminary stage of Minor-perfection Realm gushed out.

The peculiar light of the Golden Sun Scripture surrounded Austin's body, just as water hugged all the creatures in it.

Austin exuded a rich golden light, and within a second, almost all of the vital energy force pressure that Steward Sebastia exerted on Austin disintegrated. Austin felt relieved.


Austin activated the bodily movement skill that he had created, and in a flash, he moved along a strange and mysterious path and dashed to the other side.

"The preliminary state of Minor-perfection Realm!

Austin, I can't believe you have reached the preliminary stage of Minor-perfection Realm!"

Steward Sebastia said, eyes wide open. This was something he never expected.

This reveal from Austin surprised not only Steward Sebastia, but everyone present. All of their jaws were on the floor.

"Oh my God! Austin is at the preliminary stage of Minor-perfection Realm!"

Everyone was confused at what happened, amazed at how everything happened, and scared of what would happen next.

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