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   Chapter 1756 Steward Sebastia Of The Vasteras Holy Land

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Everyone was a little scared at the mention of one name, Austin.

He had not only killed many disciples of the major sects, but also had kidnapped five Holy Sons and Holy Daughters outside the Spiritual Tower in the Angel City.

Many young cultivators had been there and had witnessed the whole thing that happened.

Therefore, Austin had already become famous for his ruthlessness in the East Mainland. Especially in the eyes of the young cultivators, he was the epitome of evil and barbarity.

"Seriously? People from so many sects are after Austin. How dare he show up in front of us?"

"Don't be afraid, everyone. Even if he's really Austin, we've got nothing to worry about. We'll attack him at the same time. I don't think he can win against us."

The disciples from different sects voiced out their thoughts.

"Two hours have passed. It looks like you have no intention of leaving this place.

That's good. I'll be glad to finish off all of you here!"

A cold voice reached their ears suddenly.

A figure appeared out of thin air and floated above them. Slowly it became clearly visible.

The disciples of all the sects had their eyes fixed on the figure which was in the air.

Everyone present there was able to recognize the newcomer. His arrival like that left them stupefied.

"It's Austin! It's really Austin!"

someone exclaimed loudly.

All of a sudden, many people who were there felt a little flustered. They were apprehensive to see Austin before them.

Floating in the air, Austin looked down with a sneer. There were several hundred people below.

Slowly, he stretched out his hand. The Invincible Bow materialized in his hand.

Then he pulled the string and drew the bow. A purple arrow made from vital energy appeared in his hand.

"Let's attack him together!"

someone shouted aloud.

On hearing this, all the other disciples soared into the sky. They were ready to make a move against Austin.

With a defiant sneer, he looked at them. He wasn't affected at all by their action.

Unperturbed, Austin shot an arrow in the air.

When it was midair, the purple arrow started emitting a dazzling light. Like a shooting star, it illuminated the sky and released enormous amount of energy.

'From the time I broke the sixth restriction of the Invincible Bow, the powers of it and Magic Archery have become more terrifying, '

Austin thought, surprised and elated at it.

'I can use them to handle the masters at the Minor-perfection Realm effortlessly. It's a piece of cake to take care of these disciples who are just at the Divine Bridge Realm.'

In an instant, the purple arrow came darting at those who were about to approach Austin.

The purple arrow hit

stin released his spiritual sense to check the strength of Steward Sebastia. Looking at the way he was being idolized by the scared disciples, Austin wanted to know about his powers.

'He is at the preliminary stage of Major-perfection Realm!'

Quite soon, Austin was able to find out about Steward Sebastia's real cultivation base.

'A steward of the holy land is usually powerful. So is he! He has reached the Major-perfection Realm, ' Austin remarked.

The major point of concern now was that Austin was a realm lower than Steward Sebastia.

However, Austin did not want to run away this time.

In the past, he would have escaped, the moment he had a chance, but not now.

At present, Austin really wanted to see what a Major-perfection Realm master was capable of doing.

He wasn't frightened much as earlier he had challenged lots of cultivators whose cultivation base was much higher than his. And he had defeated them single-handedly.

"Huh! Austin, you're just a survivor of the Flame Holy Land. How dare you show up here and threaten my people?" Steward Sebastia spoke out.

His golden hair hung down and reached his shoulders. He emitted a golden light around him, like a deity.

He looked at Austin with sheer hatred and contempt in his eyes.

There was no reason for him to be afraid of Austin. After all, he was a master at the Major-perfection Realm. In the entire East Mainland, no one could match him except the elders from the holy lands and prominent clans.

Facing a young man who was being a threat to all, his eyes full of disdain.

"Ha-ha, I will do whatever I want. You're not strong enough to pose a threat to me. I'm not afraid of you!" Austin snapped.

He was smirking at the steward calmly.

Instantly, Steward Sebastia narrowed his eyes and glared at Austin.

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