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   Chapter 1755 Breaking The Sixth Restriction Of The Invincible Bow

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"It's a good thing that you have made such a rapid progress in your cultivation base, but it's also important to consolidate the realm and enhance the quality of your vital energy,"

Elder Sharp said to Austin.

He was satisfied with Austin being their Holy Heritor. That was why he was so concerned about Austin's cultivation.

"I knew. Don't worry, Elder Sharp,"

Austin replied.

"Well, I can see that although you've progressed a lot in your cultivation base in such a short span of time, the quality of your vital energy is still very solid.

You did a good job on that.

I guess that you have encountered something unusual.

That's why you have made a rapid breakthrough in your cultivation base recently,"

said Elder Sharp.

"Yeah," Austin admitted. "I did have some adventure the other day."

He nodded.

Elder Sharp didn't ask more about his adventure as he knew that every cultivator had his own adventures and opportunities.

Of course, Austin sure had lots of it.

Even the elders wouldn't stick their nose in junior's businesses like these because it was their privacy and it was their decision to share it to others or keep it to themselves.

"Austin, good news.

The Sect-protecting Array is going to be fixed much faster than we thought.

We can repair it in about ten days,"

Elder Brendan said to Austin in excitement.

"Is that so?

That's great!"

It was sure a good news, and Austin was obviously overjoyed.

"When we have our array fixed, it won't take long for us to rebuild our holy land,"

Elder Brendan said in an excited tone.

Austin nodded. He, too, was very excited with that idea.

"By the way, Elder Brendan, many sects have sent people here and tried to figure out why the desert turned into an oasis."

Then he filled the elders in on what he had seen.

"Humph! I knew it.

Their real purpose is to find each and every one of us.

The leaders from those sects won't let us rebuild our sect, and they will try to destroy us at all costs,"

Elder Brendan said coldly.

"After we officially announce that we're going to reestablish our holy land, I reckon we would go into a war with those sects to defend what is ours."

Elder Brendan looked wo

n improved greatly.

He estimated that his spiritual sense was as powerful as that of those masters who were at the Major-perfection Realm.

'It seems that I should build a new Spiritual Pot sometime, '

Austin thought.

As he waved his hand, he put the rest of the spiritual crystals back into his Space Ring.

Without looking back, he left the secret cultivation room.

At this point, the disciples of many sects gathered there. They didn't take their leave.

"That brat threatened to kill all of us in two hours. Why hasn't he shown up yet?"

Another laughed. "He was just bluffing. I can't believe you were fooled.

I think he had run away. How dare he appear in front of us?"

"I agree with you. We have at least several hundred people here. Even though he is strong, I don't think he has the guts to deal with us alone.

He was just joking."

"You're right. I think there's no point for us waiting here. That brat must have fled."

Most of the disciples were gossiping.

"Damn it! We finally met a guy who said he was from the Flame Holy Land and we let him run away!"

another disciple sighed.

"By the way, don't you think that guy looks familiar?"

another disciple said with a puzzled look on his face.

"Although I stood far away from him, I think I have met him before," he continued.

"He looks like Austin," someone said.

"Austin? As in, that Austin?"

"Austin Lin! Yes!"

"No way!"

Suddenly, all the disciples there were startled.

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