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   Chapter 1754 Get Out Of Here

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"Tell me, who the hell are you!

And what are you doing here?"

Austin casually stepped on the head of one of those men and asked coldly.

"We are disciples of the Vasteras Holy Land. If you hurt us, the army of the entire holy land will be after you!"

the man who was being stamped on shouted in a pained tone. The experience right now was both annoying and shameful.

As a disciple of the Vasteras Holy Land, he had never been treated like this. To think that a young man would treat him like this was unimaginable.

"I warned you! Don't you dare tale that arrogant tone with me!"

Austin bellowed in a furious voice and stepped on his face several times more.

"Stop! Argh!"

the disciple screamed in pain. His face was swollen now and looking like a huge bun filled with pure blood.

"Why have you come to the Flame Holy Land? What business do disciples of a holy land have in some other holy land?"

Austin asked coldly.

"You wait brat!" The disciple didn't seem to be in a mood to reply, "The Vasteras Holy Land isn't going to let you go so easily."

He was still refusing to tell Austin the reason for their arrival in this place. Perhaps it was because he didn't want to admit defeat.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Without any warning, Austin suddenly lifted his foot and stamped on the disciple's head several more times. This time, he didn't hold back on his strength.

As a result, the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth of the disciple were completely crushed into a pulp, and his broken teeth began to show.


the disciple roared in a hoarse voice. He was in such a great pain that his whole body was convulsing every second.

"Answer my question. Don't test my patience anymore, because next time, I won't stop,"

Austin roared in a very cold tone.

"Alright! Stop! I will tell you." The disciple of the Vasteras Holy Land finally could not bear the torture anymore and had to give in. He was already so spent that his voice was hardly audible.

"Something has happened. Big change has taken place in the former headquarters of Flame Holy Land. The entire place which was originally a desert has now turned into an oasis.

So the senior members of our land asked us to go undercover and spy on this place. They wanted to know what had happened here for such a remarkable change to take place,"

the disciple yelled out with whatever remaining strength he could muster.

"Got it."

Austin nodded since he had understood the matter now.

Every sect in

r or were careless.

Austin had been given an array plate by Elder Brendan, so he could move in and out of the place freely.

He released his spiritual sense and after confirming that no one was around, he merely jumped into the ancient well.

Immediately, he found himself inside the Flame Holy Land instead of going down.

He then saw Elder Sharp and a few others, who had been waiting for him.

They all looked rather busy in their efforts to spruce up the defenses.

Right now, they were busy repairing the Sect-protecting Array by utilizing different kinds of precious resources to strengthen its foundation.

Elder Leder and Elder Damian were busy guiding some 300 disciples in their cultivation.

A Five-dragon Energy Gathering Array had also been set up for their convenience.

This array had been set up based on five natural vessels of dragon energy.

The spiritual energy gathered inside it was at least ten times denser than the former base of the Flame Holy Land. This allowed one very important thing.

It made it safe for the disciples of any level to cultivate in here without any chances of discovery or destruction.

"Austin, you have broken through to the Minor-perfection Realm? Whoa !"

Earth Hermit was the first one to notice him. He was really shocked to see Austin's rapid progress and his eyes were wide open.

Not long ago, Austin had been only at the preliminary stage of the Divine Bridge Realm. Now, Earth Hermit was seeing him at the preliminary stage of the next realm.

This was truly an amazing breakthrough speed.

Even Elder Brendan and Elder Sharp were a bit shocked when they heard Earth Hermit exclaim.

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