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   Chapter 1753 The Change In The Headquarters Of Flame Holy Land

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Yannick knew that the Flame Holy Land always had conflicts with the three holy lands and the three prominent families in the East Mainland over the years.

His words were actually hinting that he was siding with the Flame Holy Land.

"Really? That's great! Thank you very much, sir!"

Austin was truly overjoyed upon hearing his words.

What he had said really meant a lot to them.

The Deep Sea Commercial House was the largest commercial firm in the East Mainland. It had a long history in the business world and had a very strong financial resources.

Almost every country and city in the East Mainland were doing business with the Deep Sea Commercial House.

In other words, even the wealth of the three holy lands or the three families was no match to the wealth of the Deep Sea Commercial House.

So, if the Flame Holy Land could cooperate with the Deep Sea Commercial House, it would greatly help in the growth and development of the Flame Holy Land.

"Well, let's leave the Sunset City first," said Yannick.

They then performed their bodily movement skills and left Sunset City right away.

A day later.

A shocking news spread throughout the East Mainland like wildfire.

It was said that the fire crow race that had disappeared for hundreds of thousands of years suddenly reappeared in Sunset City.

It was now occupying the whole city and everyone seemed to be affected.

The warriors in the whole East Mainland became excited when they heard the news.

Some of them were astounded but some of them also doubted its authenticity.

Soon enough, a lot of warriors rushed to Sunset City. They wanted to confirm if the news was really true.

But unfortunately, those warriors were obstructed by the warriors of the fire crow race. They couldn't even cross the border. They were not allowed to enter the city so conflicts happened from time to time.

Many warriors were hurt badly. They were unfortunate enough to have encountered the masters of the fire crow race during the fights.

Because of it, they had confirmed that the news was true. The fire crow race had really reappeared after hundreds of thousands of years.

After leaving the Sunset City, Yannick went straight to the headquarters of the Deep Sea Commercial House. He wanted to deal with Alonzo, the second chief.

Yannick had already made a decision. This time, he would kill Alonzo.

Initially, Austin had planned to go with him to help but Yannick politely refused. Although he was thankful of Austin's offer, this was something he had to do on his own. He wanted to face Alonzo by himself.

Austin couldn't insist because he respected Yannick's decision. So, after contempl

t, he freaked out.


It was the sound of the man's palm that was approaching Austin like a lightning. The palm grew bigger and became a giant golden palm. It was as big as a mountain and it gave off a dazzling golden light.

"Oh, so you are a disciple of the Vasteras Holy Land," said Austin with a cold smile.

He was able to identify the disciple because of the skill he showed. Austin raised his hand to parry the attack.


Instead of using any martial arts skill, Austin just unleashed a strong stream of vital energy force.

All of a sudden, the man was thrown away to a far distance. It was like he was struck by a lightning. Blood spurted from his mouth afterwards.

Austin's vital energy force was so powerful for him to handle. He couldn't bear the attack that Austin had made.

The Golden Sun Scripture was a very overbearing cultivation method. The vital energy force that Austin cultivated was generally much stronger than that of the cultivators in his level.

Therefore, although Austin was only at the preliminary stage of Minor-perfection Realm, his real vital energy force was even stronger than most of the cultivators at the medium stage of Minor-perfection Realm.

At times, he could even match a common cultivator at the premium stage.

This was the advantage of the Golden Sun Scripture. For a cultivator who had practiced this skill, defeating an opponent, especially of the same level, was just a piece of cake.

"He is a master of the Minor-perfection Realm!" mumbled the other five warriors.

They were really startled.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Austin activated his bodily movement skill again and charged towards the other five members like a gust of wind. He then knocked them down onto the ground without even using any skill.

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