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   Chapter 1752 The Divine Fire Stela

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''The Divine Fire Stela?''

Austin was astonished with what the old Taoist priest had reacted.

Was it possible that priest from the fire crow race had recognized the Fire Stela he had that easily?

The stela Austin had was called the Fire Stela by the cultivators of the Prime Martial World which also had many powerful functions not known by the other warriors. Even Austin himself didn't know where it really came from or what was its maximum capability.

Hence, the old man saying its name had piqued his interest.

''I got this stela by accident.

Did you know this stela, sir? Do you have any information about it?''

Austin asked.

He didn't want to give emphasis on how he got the Fire Stela in the first place, so he tried his best not to have it in the conversation and ask questions about it instead.

''Yes, son, I am a bit knowledgeable about the Divine Fire Stela, and that great master in the legend also has something to do with our race.

You must have a very close relationship with him, now that I see you have the stela with ease,"

the old Taoist priest said with a faint smile on his face.

'The legendary master?'

Austin was confused with what the old priest said. Well, he accidentally got the Fire Stela when he was in the Prime Martial World, and he never heard about the master or anything related to it. There was no such a legendary master or whatsoever.

So Austin had no idea how to keep the conversation going without giving away his own secrets. Thankfully, the old priest didn't push through with it.

''Oh, by the way, young man, what is your given name?

As you can see, I am the leader of the fire crow race.

On behalf of my people, you are very much welcome to visit the fire crow race any time you want.

However, we have just broken the seal and from today going forward, and we can now live under the sun again. I'm afraid we cannot give you a decent host right now.

We do have a lot of businesses to handle at this moment. But please do come again, son."

The smile on priest's face was so friendly that Austin couldn't help but trust him a little.

The Taoist priest knew the true value of the Divine Fire Stela, which led him not to probe into the question about how the young man got it. They all believed that its power was as magnificent as the owner, and the person who owned it must also have a distinguished identity. Right before him was Austin, a young man in his mid-twenties who emitted such power but was discreet about it. Thus, the old man wisely chose to skip the question of how.

''My name is Austin, sir." He bowed to give honor to the old man. Then he added, "It has been a pleasure to meet you.''

Austin really thought it was a pleasure to meet the old Taoist priest but somehow, he felt a little disappointed that the old priest didn't plan to further explain where the Fire Stela came from.

However, according to the fragmentary words of the old Taoist priest, t

ishment of the Flame Holy Land again. And we will also start recruiting disciples in the East Mainland.

In the not far future, all the members of the Flame Holy Land will be able to proudly admit their identities and go to wherever they want,"

Austin said hopefully with strong resolution.

''I overheard that one of the reclusive elders of the Flame Holy Land has resurrected in the Northern Mine District, and he once lived hundreds of thousands of years from now. Is that true?''

asked Yannick.

The news about what happened in the Northern Mine District had been widely spread in the East Mainland.

It was astonishing news that an ancestor of the Flame Holy Land who lived hundreds of thousands of years ago was revived. He wielded the ultimate magical treasure and defeated several supreme masters with his overwhelming power, including the holy lord of the Rudimentary Holy Land. It shocked all the warriors in the East Mainland.

"Yes, it's true,"

Austin confirmed.

"And the resurrected elder will preside over the reconstruction of the Flame Holy Land."

"With such a strong master standing by your side, you are more likely to successfully rebuild the Flame Holy Land."

Yannick laughed.

"By the way," he added, looking at Austin. "What's your role in the Flame Holy Land? I'm positive with all your power and strength that you are not just an ordinary disciple.''

''To be honest, I am the Holy Heritor of the Flame Holy Land, ''

Austin answered.

''Oh, that makes sense, ''

Yannick said, smiling.

The Holy Heritor always had a distinguished identity in all the sects. He was very likely to become the candidates of the next holy lord of his sect. Austin, for Yannick, was a good candidate.

''Austin, if you are determined to rebuild the Flame Holy Land, the Deep Sea Commercial House will always be at your side as your ally."

He patted Austin's shoulder as Austin smiled at his words. Then he added, "You have my word."

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