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   Chapter 1751 Fire Crow Race Get Out Of The Trap

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Updated: 2019-12-31 02:22

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Punches rained on the elder of the Rudimentary Holy Land as Austin continued to throw hits one after another. As a result, the former was poorly beaten, almost having his bones broken into pieces.

"Austin, stop! Let me take over this guy.

I want to question him about Stacy's whereabouts,"

said Yannick as he glided towards Austin in a flash.

"Okay," Austin said and nodded willingly.

He raised the weakened elder and tossed him to Yannick.

Yannick reached out his hand and got hold of the elder.

"If you dare to hurt our elder, we will not let you go.

Mark my words, Yannick! We'll come after the entire Deep Sea Commercial House!"

a master in black cloak yelled angrily, the veins on his neck almost popping.


Even if you don't lay your hands on our clan, we will surely declare war against you once I learn that my daughter is hurt.

I'll make sure you won't get away with it!"

Yannick laughed wildly as he held the elder of the Rudimentary Holy Land.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Just then, a series of violent explosions in the magma chamber below disturbed that intense exchange of jeers.

The earth was going to crack open as the magma chamber was on the brink of eruption.

All the crimson magma flared up and gushed from the chamber, spraying into the sky. The atmosphere turned into a destructive spectacle in an instant.

Everyone flew to the distance to avoid contact with the burning-hot and cataclysmic magma.


The next moment, the earth violently shook and split open.

A vast black vortex appeared on the ground.

Caw! Caw! Caw!

A swarm of fire crows covered in golden flames came rushing out of the massive black vortex.


We fire crow race have been trapped underground for hundreds of thousands of years. Today, we finally break out of that hellish trap!"

The gigantic crow at the forefront of the scrambling herd suddenly spoke in human's language, making a tremendous sound wave that shook the entire sky.

Caw! Caw! Caw!

The hundreds of thousands of fire crows squawked the frightening, harsh sound that pierced through the sky.

The Sunset City had been dull in sleep for so many years, and there had never been such a jolly scene taking place before.

"They are the fire crow race!

Oh, m

out of the Sunset City when something caught the Taoist priest's attention.

The latter looked erratic, glancing around as he continued to sense something.


The Divine Fire Stela? Oh, my goodness! It is the legendary Divine Fire Stela!"

The old Taoist priest's eyes suddenly fixed on the Fire Stela above Austin's head.

Frankly, the Fire Stella had been acting weird lately, floating above Austin's head for a long time since it flew out from his elixir field.

Because Austin could not control it at the moment, he could do nothing but let it be.

The old Taoist priest surveyed the Fire Stella and could not help but tremble slightly, unable to believe what was right before his eyes.

"How is it possible that the Divine Fire Stela is showing itself? Oh, my goodness! Who is this young man? Why does he have the Divine Fire Stela? Is he one of that person's disciples?"

The old Taoist priest trembled with excitement.

Suddenly, he dashed towards Austin like a golden light.

The old Taoist priest's bodily movement skill was compelling.

In a flash, he caught up with Austin.

"Wait a second please, young man!"

the old Taoist priest called out to Austin.


Austin was shocked when he saw the old Taoist priest of the fire crow race. Stopping on his tracks, he stared at the latter with vigilance and doubt.

"Excuse me, young man. Don't be nervous! I mean no harm!

I just have a question for you. How did you get the Divine Fire Stela?"

the old Taoist priest uttered with great respect.

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