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   Chapter 1750 Kill Elders Of The Rudimentary Holy Land

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"Austin, you bastard!

I will take revenge on you!"

The man who wore a black cloak was furious.

"Do you think you still have a chance?!"

Austin sneered. For him, it was much more fun to taunt the guys who were angry at him, making their defense weaker.

With that in mind, Austin made a move first. Bang! Bang! Bang!

His fist hit the man with lightning speed. The man who wore a black cloak had no idea how to defend himself.

Austin smashed most of the man's body, making him look like a broken sack.

His arms, feet and half of his body were gone.

Only half of his body and his head were left.

However, it must be admitted that this kind of master had strong vitality.

Under this situation, he even was still shouting and cursing at Austin.

Austin laughed.

"Okay. Now, let me take off this mask and see your real face.

I guess you're afraid that Mr. Yannick Ren would recognize you without a mask, right? He knows you, and that was the reason why you're wearing this mask." He sneered.

He then reached out his hand, as fast as lightning, to take off the man's mask.


"Stop Austin! Don't let him take off his mask!"

It was a short period of time when the Fire Stela suppressed the master wearing a black cloak and Austin threw a punch at him and smashed his body.

Until that time, the other masters wearing black cloaks finally snapped out of the shock.

Seeing that Austin was about to take off the mask of the master wearing a black cloak, they could not help but be shocked. They hurriedly stretched their bodies and rushed toward Austin.

But the next moment, before they could do anything, Austin had already stripped off the mask on the man's face.

Of course, he was as fast as lightning.

Austin looked at the man's face with shock on his face as it registered in his memory.

"It's you! I know you!"

He couldn't help but scream.

It was a skinny old man's face. With the wrinkles and folds on his face, he seemed to be at the prime of his sixties. Still, he looked like an energetic man.

At the same time, Yannick and the three old men from the Deep Sea Commercial House also fixed their eyes on this direction.

"Humph! Derrick Ji, an elder of the Rudimentary Holy Land!

It's you!"

Yannick stared at the old man's face, his voice as cold as ice.

The master who Austin was fighting with a few moments ago t

ther, but I continuously refused.

Your Rudimentary Holy Land really wants me to die!

Humph! Rudimentary Holy Land! I will seek revenge on you!"

Yannick laughed and shook his head in disbelief.

"And you, Alonzo," Yannick looked at one of the men in black. "In fact, I have recognized you since the very beginning.

You are the second chief of the Deep Sea Commercial House, right? I didn't expect you to be so frenzied to collude with the people of the Rudimentary Holy Land. You wanted to kill me in such a despicable way."

Yannick's eyes focused on one of the masters wearing a black cloak. His teeth clenched in fury.

The man wearing a black cloak couldn't help but shiver when he was stared at.

"So you have already recognized me.

Yes, Yannick. You have been the chief of the Deep Sea Commercial House for too long. Now it's time for you to quit."

the man wearing a black cloak said slowly after a long while.

"Humph, Alonzo, I'll settle this with you later,"

Yannick said with another sneer.

"Go ahead."

Alonzo knew he had been recognized by Yannick. He had no other choices.

The elder of the Rudimentary Holy Land whose body had been smashed by Austin was suffering great pain. He kept on letting out shrill screams.

"Tell me, where is Stacy Ren of the Deep Sea Commercial House?"

Austin suddenly thought about this and asked the elder harshly.

"Is she in your hands?"

"Austin, I will not let you go."

Instead of answering Austin's question, the elder of the Rudimentary Holy Land roared viciously.

"You will have a violent death!"

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