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   Chapter 1749 How Awesome The Fire Stela Is

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The whole sea of magma was shaking with terrible rage, as if an earthquake had occurred.

With a huge rumbling sound, the quiet Sunset City was thrown into the state of upheaval and chaos.

The giant golden tree which was over the magma sea was sinking slowly.

The palace held by the golden tree also started shaking violently. Gradually, it began to sink in the magma sea along with the tree.

Shoop! Shoop! Shoop!

At the gate of the palace, there were more than a dozen people. They had rushed out suddenly with sullen faces.

There were all of them, Yannick, three elders of the Deep Sea Commercial House, and a dozen strong men in black cloaks.

"This palace is full of traps and arrays.

I have been running around in this place for more than a day and escaped death by a hair's breadth. But I didn't find any treasure of the fire crow race at all!"

one man dressed in the black cloak cursed.

The other people present there also looked frustrated.

Their expressions made it obvious that they hadn't found the legendary treasure of fire crow race which was rumored to be in the palace.

"What on earth has happened to this magma sea? It looks like a tremendous force is destroying it,"

another master in the black cloak shouted in surprise. He was looking at the shaking magma sea below.

"Yes, something must have happened. Even the huge golden tree is sinking!"

another man exclaimed with surprise.

Yannick and the three elders of the Deep Sea Commercial House were also shocked when they saw the scene in front of them.

Just then, something happened.


Suddenly, a figure rushed out from the depths of the magma sea. It soared high into the sky.

Above the figure's head, there was an ancient stela. The stela was emitting bright golden light. It looked like the scorching sun.

"It's Austin!"

Yannick, the three elders and the black-cloaked men shouted in unison.

They were bewildered when they recognized the figure.

"Austin, you are still alive!"

a man in black cloak shouted in shock.

He was the man who had forced Austin to jump into the magma sea, the previous day.

He had thought that with such less strength, Austin would definitely die if he entered the magma sea.

He was astounded when


On noticing what was happening with their comrade, they were left stunned and shocked.

The three old men of the Deep Sea Commercial House and Yannick also kept staring at Austin with eyes wide open. They couldn't believe their eyes.

Everyone's eyes were fixed on the Fire Stela which was above Austin's head.

It was that moment when all people present there could feel how powerful the ancient stela was.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Fire Stela above Austin's head kept vibrating continuously. The golden light that was radiating from it formed a vast ocean of bright rays. Then, with a tremendous force, it rushed towards the man in the black cloak.

However hard he struggled, he couldn't get rid of the terrible suppression of the Fire Stela.

It was terribly worse as the Fire Stela's power was too strong. It didn't even allow him to release his vital energy force at all.


Austin punched the man's chest with a force of 150 million pounds.

If it was in other ordinary time or situation, that power would not have been able to hurt the master in black cloak.

But now, his body including his vital energy force was being suppressed by the Fire Stela. The vital energy couldn't even run smoothly within his body, though he was attempting in the best way to resist Austin's powerful fist.


The moment Austin's fist powered with so much energy landed on his chest, his body started sinking low and blood spurted out from the wound. The white of his broken bones showed up.

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