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   Chapter 1748 The Fire Crow Race

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The old Taoist rushed out of the palace and floated in the air in a flash.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Dozens of figures shot towards him from afar and stood beside him.

These people, old or middle-aged, exuded unbearable heat and terrifying flames surrounded them.

"Sir, did you notice that?

The force of sealing is being weakened," a tall and lanky middle-aged man said to the old Taoist.

His eyes widened. He was clearly surprised.

"I did."

The Taoist man's gaze was fixated at the sky.

"We've waited far too long. Perhaps it's time to get out of here."

The old Taoist trembled in excitement.

Everybody else showed signs of clear eagerness and joy. They had been expecting this moment for so long.

"We have been sealed in this damn little space for hundreds of millennia.

Now we have the chance to see the outside world. This is indeed great news," said another old and emaciated man.

Tears started to form in his turbid eyes.

"Excellent! I'm sick of wasting away in this narrow space.

Nothing will make me happier than getting out of this hellhole!"

A tall, thin middle-aged man clenched his fists.

"Calm down, everyone. Let's observe if the power of the seal will continue to weaken.

Back then, it was mainly a vast magma that sealed this small space.

The Masculine Crimson Water in the bottom of the magma is the main source of energy that seals this small space.

There are many powerful sealing arrays in the Masculine Crimson Water.

Those powerful arrays will not stop working unless the Masculine Crimson Water is gone.

But it's almost impossible for the Masculine Crimson Water to vanish,"

said the old Taoist.

"Speaking of this, it's so ironic.

Masculine Crimson Water was one of the three great treasures of our race, and now we are trapped here because of it,"

the emaciated elder said with a sigh.

The dozens of people were floating above the palace, sensing a position in the sky.

Two hours passed.

"The seal powe

the Fire Stela was extremely terrifying now.

He estimated that even the holy lords or the chiefs of the prominent clans wouldn't be able to match the overwhelming suppressing power of the Fire Stela.

There was just one problem: he couldn't control the Fire Stela.

Otherwise, he was convinced that no one would be a match for him in the East Mainland.

Austin opened his eyes and looked at the crimson liquid. He found that the layer of crimson liquid which had been ten meters thick became thinner.

"Well, we almost absorbed all the crimson liquid.

There's less than a tenth of it left."

While he was basking in his success, a loud earsplitting sound disturbed him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The bottom of the magma began trembling violently as if a great earthquake had occurred.

The magma shook, and lava surged with the waves rising a thousand meters high. It seemed like it was going to burn the whole sky.

"What the hell is happening? Where did that come from?"

To Austin's surprise, many cracks appeared at the bottom of the magma.

It seemed that there was a terrible force which was destroying the bottom of the magma.

Austin was terrified and didn't dare to stay.

He moved quickly forward in a bid to get out of the magma.

The Fire Stela floated over Austin's head instead of entering his elixir field.

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