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   Chapter 1747 The Sealed Space

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Austin started to go down at a very high speed.

He instantly reached the bottom and was now only a few meters away from the magma sea.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Through his spiritual sense, Austin summoned three huge golden light balls from his elixir field. They instantly rushed out and surrounded him. These balls were as huge as a house and dazzled with golden light.

Three different kinds of Unearthly Fires were also summoned. They appeared in different colors and burned furiously to protect Austin's body.

Although he felt that there was a difference in the Fire Stela in his elixir field, he was still worried.

To make sure that he was well protected, he summoned the three golden light balls and the three kinds of Unearthly Fires simultaneously.

It was much safer to be protected like this.

Austin immediately felt the huge threat of the magma sea in front of him.


His body finally dived into the hot crimson magma.

Bang! Bang! Bang

A massive fire magma instantly rushed towards Austin, and a terrible golden fire sea hit him like a tsunami.

The magma sea was very powerful.

Even a powerful master like Yannick wouldn't dare to rush directly into the magma sea.

Austin was wrapped into the raging energy as if he would be burned into ashes.

The location of his demonic avatar was just right next to him.

Through his spiritual sense, he integrated himself with the demonic avatar's body.

'Will the Fire Stela react to all this?'

Austin thought anxiously.


The Fire Stela did not disappoint Austin. It shook intensely and instantly rushed out.

Countless strands of golden light flowed like a torrent from the Fire Stela.

Its suppressing power swept out in all directions.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Fire Stela gave off a great pressing force under the molten lava around Austin's body as it flew in all directions.

After a while, a vacuum space without magma or golden flames covered Austin's body.

'Damn, it finally worked.' He heaved a sigh of relief.

Austin was overjoyed as he was finally out of trouble.

'Let's go down there and have a look.'

Austin made his move and started to dive deeper into the magma sea.

As he went deeper into the magma sea, Austin felt the pure masculine energy became denser around his body.

The blazing temperature was getting higher, and the burning energy was terrible as if it could turn everything into ashes.

The Fire Stela was very powerful. The suppressing force it emitted shielded Austin from the scorchin

fection Realm!

Austin was quite surprised. He was very pleased with the result of his cultivation. He didn't expect that he would be able to reach the preliminary stage of Minor-perfection Realm in just one day.

The cultivator that was at the preliminary stage of Minor-perfection Realm was as powerful as those stewards in the holy lands.

Austin was busily absorbing the energy in the bloody liquid.

Unknowingly to Austin, there was a small sealed space on the other side of the magma ocean.

Something was happening inside the small sealed world at the bottom of the magma sea.

There was something special about this small world, and that was its shockingly high temperature. Its ground was full of cracks, and blazing flames could be found everywhere. Traces of burning could be seen for thousands of miles.

Caw! Caw! Caw!

Lots of crows flew around the small world.

They were not ordinary crows as they were all surrounded by flames.

They were the legendary fire crows, a kind of diabolic beasts.

A magnificent palace stood in the small world.

The palace was surrounded by blazing golden flames.

In one of the rooms inside the palace, there was an elderly Taoist with a skin that was crumpled like an old bark that made him looked very old.

He was sitting peacefully with his legs crossed, and his eyes were closed as if he was in a trance.

Suddenly, the body of the old Taoist shook. He instantly opened his eyes, and two beams of shocking light burst out from them.

"The force sealing this small space is rapidly weakening!

What the hell is going on?"

the old Taoist shouted in an ecstatic tone with an unbelievable expression on his face.

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