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   Chapter 1746 Indestructible Demonic Avatar

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Austin realized that he could now move freely.

'The demonic avatar is strong enough to deal with a master's sealing power, ' he thought, relieved.

Austin exercised the bodily movement skill he had created and stepped back. In an instant, he was a thousand meters away from where he was standing.

"You get Yannick, and I will take care of Austin!" the man in the black cloak shouted at his companions.

He then commanded the huge palm made from his vital energy to hit Austin's demonic avatar.

The hand released a fierce magnetic power that locked down the space where the demonic avatar was in a matter of seconds.

With no warning, it hit the demonic avatar.


A splash of light erupted in the air. The demonic avatar was thrown several hundred meters away.

To Austin's delight, his demonic avatar remained intact even though it took such a potent blow.

The man that attacked Austin was as strong as an elder of the holy land, while Austin's demonic avatar used to be a demon emperor.

Austin's demonic avatar was supposed to be destroyed by the black-cloaked master in a heartbeat since it was just a weak demon emperor's body.

This master in a black cloak could kill thousands of demon emperors with one blow.

However, this demonic avatar did not get hurt at all after it was hit by the man in a black cloak.

'Looks like the demonic avatar has become more powerful after it fused with that Diabolic Killing Needle, '

Austin figured, delighted with his realization.

"How come a mere avatar refined with a demon emperor's body could withstand my strike unscathed? That is not possible.

Something is going on with this avatar."

The master who wore the black cloak stared at Austin's demonic avatar. His face darkened with anger.

When Yannick saw the man in a black cloak made a move against Austin, he was furious. He wanted to run to Austin and protect him.

But he could not do so because a dozen of strong cultivators who also wore a black cloak surrounded him.

"I am the one you wanted to kill. Why are you hitting that boy with your magnetic power?"

Yannick asked furiously.

"You know what? We are not only taking your life; we have decided to take that brat's life as well!"

a tall man in a black cloak said with a sneer on his face.

Those strong cultivators wearing black cloaks used their best martial skills to attack Yannick and the three elders from the Deep Sea Commercial House. They surrounded them on every side that Yannick and his crew could not rescue Austin.

"Austin, do

a loud bursting sound in the air. Austin's demonic avatar burst out of the magma.

The huge jade bracelet would not let it escape. It grabbed the demonic avatar and pulled it back into the magma.

"Ha-ha! Austin, can't you see? I can't hurt your avatar, but the magma sea below can melt it into oblivion!"

the man in the black cloak shouted at Austin.

"Now, it's your turn!"

Then he rushed towards Austin.

Austin knew that he was no match for him without his demonic avatar protecting him.

Austin was out of options.

"What the heck! I will give it a try!"

Convinced on what he needed to do, Austin rushed to the vast magma below.

The moment he approached this area, Austin could sense a pure masculine energy coming from deep in the magma.

The pure masculine energy was an advantage. Austin could use it to practice the Golden Sun Scripture.

Moreover, Austin felt that the Fire Stela in his elixir field trembled.

Since Austin got the elixir field, it was never under his control.

It seemed to have a mind of its own. No matter how hard Austin tried to communicate, it never responded.

It saved Austin's life several times in the past, on its own and all under extra ordinary circumstances.

To his surprise, the Fire Stela was shaking violently.

Austin guessed, it was the masculine energy from the depths of the magma that was making the Fire Stela behave that way.

Unsure, Austin decided to take the chance and rush directly into the magma below.

"What is he doing?

Is he trying to commit suicide?"

Austin's action made the man who dashed towards him pause in his tracks. Confused, he could only shook his head and followed Austin with his eyes.

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