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   Chapter 1745 He Is Doomed

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The boat flew towards the palace located in the center of the boiling magma. Yannick, Austin and the three elders from the Deep Sea Commercial House were aboard the ship.

As the boat traveled above the hot sea of boiling fluid, the magma seemed to have sensed its presence. Suddenly, huge waves of magma swept into the sky and slapped against the wooden boat.

Scorching molten rocks billowed towards Yannick's shabby boat. Austin was surprised as the rundown boat emitted powerful energy waves to withstand the huge waves.

Despite the angry waves of magma, the boat reached the palace in an instant. It stood above a dazzling golden, huge tree.

Those strong cultivators wearing black cloaks made it to the palace as well.

Although these two parties were in an intense final battle a couple of minutes ago, neither of them wanted to fight again at this moment.

Instead, they were eager to seek for the treasures of the fire crow race inside the palace.

"Let's attack the door together!"

a man in a black cloak shouted.

He and his companions simultaneously launched powerful attacks on the gates of the palace.

The terrifying energy they released pounded on the door fiercely. Loud booms echoed in the area as their attacks hit the palace.

Because of that, the palace began to shake violently.

"Let's join them!" Yannick said to the three elders as he saw what the other party did.

With a wave of his hand, a river of vital energy force gushed out of his body and hit the palace gate violently.

The three old men immediately followed suit. They attacked the door with their tremendous vital energy.

A loud booming noise reverberated in the place.

The palace began shaking more violently every time it received their attacks.

Since they were all remarkable cultivators, the power of their attacks was very terrifying. Each strike they launched was all extremely vigorous.

Austin, who was watching intently, was amazed at their strength.

'Although I am a strong cultivator in the East Mainland, I still got a long way to go if I want to match extraordinary cultivators like them, ' he brooded.

Under their powerful attacks, the gates of the palace began to open slowly.

Seeing their progress, the people cheered excitedly. They were all thrilled to enter the palace.

However, an unexpected thing happened the next moment.

Deafening cries of crows came from inside the palace.

Then, a flock of crows wrapped in golden flames bolted out of the door one after another.

More crows kept rushing outside the palace. There were so many of them that even Austin felt terrified.

Each cr


"Humph! Fuck off!"

Yannick bellowed angrily when he found that Austin was in danger.

He quickly pointed at the man who was trying to kill Austin. Four huge stars flew towards that man at lightning speed.

"Ha-ha! It's too late, Yannick Ren. Austin is doomed!"

the man in a black cloak who was already near Austin said triumphantly.

"You're dead meat!"

The man reached out and made a fist at Austin. In an instant, a strong force took hold of Austin. It was as if the man was holding him captive in his hands.

Austin's face instantly turned pale as he realized that he couldn't move at all.

"Go to hell!"

the man in a black cloak shouted coldly at him.

In an instant, a giant palm formed by vital energy appeared above Austin's head. It came at Austin fiercely.

"Oh, shit! I can't move.

These masters are good at law power. They can block a space easily the way they want to," Austin murmured as he tried to struggle.

He kept wriggling against the force that was holding him, but he could not break free.

'Perhaps my demonic avatar will be able to help me out, ' Austin thought suddenly.

He was desperate to escape.

He wasted no time and summoned his demonic avatar. In a flash, it appeared beside him.

A terrifying diabolic and evil aura was released by his demonic avatar and soared into sky.

Under Austin's control, his demonic avatar displayed the third stage of the World Sealing Tabooed Magic.

Demonic symbols suddenly came out of its body. The symbols glowed as they enveloped the huge hand over Austin's head.

Much to Austin's delight, those demonic symbols made the giant palm pause for a while. It bought him a short time to spare. He needed to think quickly what he had to do next.

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