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   Chapter 1744 The Ancestral Temple Of The Fire Crow Race

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A few moments later, Austin came to the skyline where the scorching sun rose.

There was a vast sea of magma beneath the scorching sun.

The scarlet magma was surging. The golden sea of fire was burning and rising up into the sky. It was emitting an astonishing burning energy.

Apparently, the scorching sun rose from the magma sea.

Suddenly, a surprised expression registered on Austin's face.

It turned out, in the depth of the magma sea, there was a vast energy wave. As it was looming out of the magma, a breathtaking fragrance gushed out. Those people who sniffed the scent felt like floating lightly in the air.

"What a strong pure masculine energy!"

Austin was in awe as he felt the pure energy from the depth of the magma sea.

He was very sensitive to the pure masculine energy because of the Golden Sun Scripture that he had cultivated.

The pure masculine energy had the most positive effect on his progress in cultivating the Golden Sun Scripture.

However, this energy was very rare. The energy that mostly existed in the world was just ordinary spiritual energy.

Thus, Austin had no choice but to assimilate the ordinary spiritual energy first and then turned it into the masculine energy for his daily cultivation of the Golden Sun Scripture.

Now, he almost couldn't believe what his eyes were seeing.

It seemed that a lot of pure masculine energy existed in the depth of the vast magma sea right in front of him.

This could be very useful in his continuous cultivation of the Golden Sun Scripture.

"There is pure masculine energy in the depth of this magma sea. It is said that this is the kind of energy that the fire crow race people are cultivating. This place must be closely related to the fire crow race."

A man in a black cloak was pleasantly surprise.

"The treasure of the fire crow race must be in this magma sea!" shouted another man in a black cloak excitedly.

He rushed towards the magma sea.

At the same time, he used his vital energy force to form a strong defensive shield around him like an armor. He tried to isolate himself from the fiery red magma.

However, the moment he got into the magma sea, innumerable fiery golden flames surged up.

It was sizzling hot.

White smoke rose from his body. He was almost burnt.

The temperature in the magma sea was too high and the power of the golden flames wa

ous Bead and rushed together towards the palace that was being lifted by the giant golden tree.

A dozen magic treasures were activated and their power formed a strong protection. All the men in black cloaks were being protected inside.


All of a sudden, the magma sea roiled even more violently. The large waves surged and lashed into the sky. Soon enough, the whole sky was covered by red magma.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The magma billowed into the sea of golden fire and aimed towards the black-cloaked men.

The men became more cautious. They poured their vital energy force into the magic treasures in their hands to resist the attack of the magma sea.

"Let's go and have a look!" said Yannick in a low voice.

He had been observing the black-cloaked warriors for quite a while now.

He opened his palm and a tiny, shabby boat appeared on it. The tiny boat instantly grew bigger and bigger until it was about four or five meters long.

Judging from the body of the boat, one could say that it was really old and shabby.

"Austin, come with me." Yannick urged Austin.

He then boarded the boat and said, "Let's go!"

Austin was stunned. He didn't expect that the owner of the Deep Sea Commercial House would invite him.

But he was really interested in going into the palace to try his luck.

So without hesitation, he moved his body and boarded the boat immediately.

The three old men of the Deep Sea Commercial House stepped on the boat as well.


A gush of immense energy came out and instantly pushed the small boat towards the magma sea.

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