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   Chapter 1743 The Sunrise In The Sunset City

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"That… That's an avatar!

How can a man so young possess such a powerful avatar!"

one of the men clad in black cloaks exclaimed in shock.

The cultivators in the sky, including Yannick, all stared at Austin's demonic avatar. Some were amazed while some were looking at his avatar as if investigating its nature.

"Hmm, the avatar emits such a dense evil aura. For sure, it has endless evil energy. Something is going on with it. I think that there may be some powerful magic treasure hidden within it,"

another man in a black cloak thought out loud.

Austin was astonished by how these people in front of him were indeed experienced and knowledgeable at these things that they had immediately spotted the secret of his demonic avatar.

"Humph! I admit that I did not expect you to have such a powerful man work for you! We have underestimated you!"

a man in a black cloak confessed angrily.

Apparently, the men in black cloaks assumed that Austin worked for Yannick.

Yannick, on the other hand, looked at Austin with surprise evident in his eyes.

He thought that he would lose lots of his men and painfully prepared himself for their sacrifice, but to his astonishment, Austin had helped him finish off over thirty thousand of his enemies. Austin would have made a good and loyal subordinate, but Yannick knew he couldn't just take a free man just like that.

"This young man is not my subordinate. He is a friend of my daughter's, so he is also a friend of mine," Yannick explained.


The men clad in black cloaks all exchanged stunned glances.

'How could the chief of the Deep Sea Commercial House call this young man his friend?' they wondered.

"Oh, wait! This brat looks awfully familiar. You're Austin Lin, aren't you?"

one of the cultivators screamed abruptly.

He recognized Austin because the latter didn't wear a disguise this time.

The Flame Holy Land of where Austin was from would be rebuilt soon, and they would need to recruit disciples overtly in the East Mainland.

Being the Holy Heritor, Austin was here on behalf of the Flame Holy Land.

He had to make sure that the Flame Holy Land would obtain and earn the respect and prestige among the East Mainland.

Therefore, this time, Austin decided to stop disguising himself like he did in the past. He thought that no matter where he went, he would show his real face with pride and honor.

All the other strong cultivators immediately recognized Austin after they had a closer look at him.

vators in black cloaks, Yannick, and the three elders from the Deep Sea Commercial House immediately stopped fighting. They all looked at the bright sun rising above the horizon with shock and surprise evident in their eyes.

"Oh my God! It's true! The legend is true! Back in the ancient times, they said that sunrise will happen in this city occasionally!"

one of the men in black cloaks remarked.

"It is also said that the treasures of the fire crow race were hidden where the sun rises,"

another man said in surprise.

Everyone was stunned as they tried to take in the phenomenon.

'Around the Sunset City, there is a rumor about that went around.

One day, sunrise could be seen once more in this ancient city, and where the sun rises lies the treasures of the fire crow race.

I can't believe the legend indeed is true, ' everyone pondered as their eyes adjusted to the unexpected light.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Gusts of accelerating winds could be felt as the dozen cultivators clad in black cloaks rushed towards where the sun rose.

There was a keen look in their eyes as they were very determined to have the treasures of the ancient fire crow race.

Yannick pointed at the horizon. "Let's go, and have a look there, too," he said with an expectant look on his face, gesturing the three elders to follow him.

"All of you wait here,"

he ordered the rest of his crew, who were all curious and wanted to go and have a look but was too afraid to defy orders.

After that, Yannick and the three elders dashed towards the other end of the horizon where the sun rose.

Too curious about what was going on, Austin followed them as well.

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