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   Chapter 1742 The Terrible Power Of The World Sealing Tabooed Magic

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9683

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"Kill them all!"

With that war-cry, a fierce battle broke out suddenly.

In the sky, Yannick raised his head and roared. Suddenly, a huge space like a crack appeared above his head. The endless essence of the sun, the moon and stars fell from the space of the crack like a huge tide.

A series of huge stars appeared around his body, rumbling through the air. They shot towards those more than ten people who were wrapped in black cloaks around him.

"Yannick, I did not expect that you would have cultivated the Star Power Formula to this level.

Still, today you will die!"

a man in black cloak shouted.

In a flash, all the people who were in black cloaks scattered quickly in the air.

Those men in black were obviously very powerful. They seemed quite determined.

"Kill Yannick!" they shouted in unison.

They used their powerful skills and released terrible currents of energy towards Yannick. They were in no mood to let him go.

The three old men who were standing next to Yannick also moved at the same time. They rushed towards the people in black cloak.

With his spiritual sense force, Austin saw that Yannick had directed the huge stars to roll rapidly in the sky. There was a loud rumbling sound with terrifying power that echoed in the air.

These countless stars were being shot fiercely at the people dressed in black.

The huge space crack which was above Yannick's head continuously released the mighty star power. It was like a tsunami, flowing down without a pause. It looked like it would never end.

Bathed in the bright and dazzling light of the sun and the stars, Yannick was inspiring awe. Gleaming with all that bright light, he looked as if he was the god of heaven.

However, those one dozen men, who wore black cloaks, were also very powerful. They constantly carried out attacks with extremely terrifying energy, besieging Yannick and the three old men.

"Ha ha! Today, I want to see whether really you guys will be able to kill me or not!"

Yannick raised his head and laughed loudly with pride.

"Hmm! Yannick, it is really incredible that you have cultivated the Star Power Formula to such a level that you can communicate with the stars in outer space and use their powers.

Guys, we need to work together to break the space crack above his head. Let's break it, or else he can borrow endless powers of the stars!"

a man in black cloak shouted.

"What are you waiting for? Kill the people of the Deep Sea Commercial House quickly! Kill all of them!"

another man dressed in black cloak shouted aloud in the air.

"Kill them!"

Suddenly, all those tens of thousands of masked men, who were around the castle, roared in unison. Sparkles of murderous will were shining in their eyes. They rushed towards the people of the Deep Sea Commercial House like tidewater.

With his spiritual sense, Austin was able to sense t


Only around ten people who were at the premium stage of the Minor-perfection Realm and weren't influenced by the sealing power that much were able to move. They took the chance and fled far away in panic.


Looking at the tens of thousands of people who were sealed in an instant, Austin was shocked and ecstatic. He knew it was a wise step, and he proved himself right.

The demonic avatar was very powerful. It was many times stronger than Austin too.

"All of you! Go to hell!"

Austin shouted coldly.

The next moment, thirty thousand diabolic beasts, five thousand ghost soldiers, and five thousand puppets rushed out of the Slave Tower like tidewater.

Of course, the slaves that were transported from the Slave Tower were under Austin's control. They would specially kill the masked people, and not harm the people of the Deep Sea Commercial House.

After a few seconds, almost all the thirty thousand people who were wearing masks had been eliminated.

Only more than ten cultivators who were at the premium stage of Minor-perfection Realm were still alive. They fled tens of thousands of meters away since Austin had scared them out of their wits.

"Ah! What the hell is going on?"

Finally, as they were floating in the air, those men dressed in black noticed the situation. They were shocked at the brutal sight they saw.

"It's... What was that? What happened just now? Oh my goodness!"

The three old men of the Deep Sea Commercial House and Yannick were also stunned by what they had seen. It was unexpected and unbelievable.

"It is amazing! It's the first time I use the World Sealing Tabooed Magic in such a situation, where a great number of cultivators were group fighting. And it worked so brilliantly!"

Austin too was shocked by the scene in front of his eyes. He knew the World Sealing Tabooed Magic would be useful but he hadn't thought it would work so well!

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