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   Chapter 1741 A Trap

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"He is Yannick!"

Austin was surprised when he heard the man's name.

The middle-aged man in front of him was Yannick, the head of the Deep Sea Commercial House.

Austin didn't expect the news to be true. The head of the Deep Sea Commercial House led his subordinates to enter the sunset ancient city to look for Stacy.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Yannick.

I am Austin Lin. I'm here to look for Miss Stacy,"

Austin addressed Yannick directly.

He believed that Stacy must have mentioned him in front of her father.

When they was in the Wild Herb Valley earlier, Austin had joined forces with the disciples of the Flame Holy Land and the cultivators of the Deep Sea Commercial House to kill all the disciples of the three holy lands there.

Stacy should have told her father about the incident.

When Austin told Yannick his name, he was ready to hide into the Slave Tower immediately if Yannick showed any sign of hostility and tried to rob him of his magic treasures.

Because in the eyes of the cultivators in the East Mainland, Austin had received the treasures of the Purple Immortal.

Besides, he took away the Spiritual Tower from the Angel City, which many cultivators yearned for and wanted for themselves.

"You are Austin!"

Sure enough, when Yannick heard it, he paused for a moment, and his tone was a little surprised. He looked at Austin once more.

Even though Austin was young, he had already become famous in the East Mainland.

There were few who had not heard of Austin's name in the whole East Mainland.

"Yes. I heard that Stacy was trapped in the sunset ancient city, so I came here to see what happened to her and what I can do to help,"

Austin answered with composure as he stared directly into Yannick's eyes.

Yannick was the head of the Deep Sea Commercial House, which was one of the most powerful forces in the East Mainland. His standing was equal to a holy lord.

When an ordinary young man met a master of Yannick's level, he was expected to be meticulous and observe proper decorum. Most young men would find themselves afraid.

However, Austin was no ordinary young man. He was

heir faces were hiding behind fearsome masks.

What's more, they seemed to have used some powerful hiding skill to keep themselves from being seen through by spiritual sense.

It was impossible for others to clearly see their appearances.

Each of them looked intimidating; that was for sure.

"I see. It seems that I guessed it right. It is a trap indeed.

You used my daughter to lure me into the Sunset City. If you want me, come and face me. Now!"

Yannick said coldly.

"Where is my daughter? Tell me!"

Yannick shouted.

"It doesn't matter where your daughter is, since you're about to die here too,"

one of the men said with a sneer.

"Ha! You want to kill me? Well, let's see if you have what it takes to even last a minute against me!"

Yannick shouted in anger. He strode forward, and tremendous energy waves began to surge out from his body.

"Humph! Today all the people of the Deep Sea Commercial House will die. Kill them all!"

An imposing figure in black cloak motioned his hand forward.

"Kill them!"

A large number of people suddenly dashed out from all directions of the ruins. There were tens of thousands of enemies that appeared out of nowhere.

In an instant, the people of the Deep Sea Commercial House had been surrounded.

Austin was also among the surrounded crowd.

All these newly arrived people wore masks. Apparently, they did not want to show their real faces.

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