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   Chapter 1740 Sunset City

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News of the assault on Stacy Ren and her subsequent disappearance had spread out across the entire East Mainland by now.

Since she was the daughter of the chief of the Deep Sea Commercial House and at the same time, incredibly beautiful, she was as important and famous to the young male cultivators as a goddess.

There were altogether five such beautiful ladies in the East Mainland. Stacy was one of them.

Aside from her, there was the Holy Daughter of the Rudimentary Holy Land—Megan Ji, Belinda Shen from the Shen Clan, the Holy Daughter of the Jade Sect—Heather Qian and Peacock Princess from the beast race.

Each of them was well-known across the East Mainland, and considered to be the most beautiful and rare pearls of town.

They always got a lot of attention from the people of the East Mainland.

Countless male cultivators had confessed their love to them publicly and had even pursued them in the hopeless hope of marriage to them.

Now Stacy, one of the five goddesses, had gone missing. Such news was wildfire in the East Mainland and it was no wonder that the news had spread.

More rumors continued to come by the hour.

Some of them said that Stacy had been pursued by killers from the Slaughtering Sect and was long gone.

Some even suggested that the people of the Deep Sea Commercial House themselves had hired the killers of the Slaughtering Sect to hunt her down.

Later, news came that Stacy was trapped in the Sunset City and the chief of the Deep Sea Commercial House was going to rescue her.

"Sunset City..."

Austin also heard those rumors and pondered over it for a while, before finally deciding to visit the Sunset City.

He headed over there without a moment's delay. Each moment was important right now.

Sunset City was located in a remote corner in the East Mainland and few people ever set foot there.

Austin decided to disguise himself before going to the Sunset City. With the help of the teleportation arrays that were located in the major cities, he was finally able to reach his destination after a couple of days' journey.

"So this is the Sunset City!"


face. He was just floating there in front of Austin, waiting for the latter to answer his questions.

Through his spiritual sense, Austin immediately told Brady what was going on.

"Brady, could you transfer me into the Slave Tower?" he asked through his spiritual sense.

"This man is very powerful. He can easily match a holy lord.

But I can use the teleportation powers of the Slave Tower to free you from him for a while. Short, but enough to get you inside the tower,"

Brady answered.

His reply set Austin's mind at ease.

Because once he entered the Slave Tower, even a holy lord, along with his ultimate magical treasure couldn't do anything to him. It meant that even though the man in front of him was as strong as a holy lord, Austin was going to be safe as long as Brady got him into the Slave Tower.

"I'm here to look for my friend.

Who are you, sir? Do I have to ask for your permission to enter the city?"

Austin replied in a tone neither overbearing nor servile, looking as calm as he had been from the very beginning.


The man had not expected Austin to talk to him that way.

"Very good. You have guts.

Alright, I'm the chief of the Deep Sea Commercial House, Yannick Ren.

Anyone who enters this city has to answer to me first.

And you'd better do that honestly because if you lie, I will kill you,"

the middle-aged man responded to Austin's queries.

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