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   Chapter 1739 Refining The Green Evil Pill

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Austin was finally able to refine grade two superior pills.

With the help of three kinds of Unearthly Fire, he was able to refine pills at a much faster rate.

In the secret cultivation room, Austin kept on making Green Evil Pills.

The more he familiarized himself with the process, the faster he could make them with superior quality.

Two days had passed, Austin realized that he had made over two hundred Green Evil Pills.

If other grade-two superior pill refiners found out, they wouldn't believe he had made all of it himself in just two days.

"I will take these Green Evil Pills to Caroline's people and see if they work well,"

Austin murmured as he stopped working on the pills.

He then transferred himself into the Slave Tower.

Since his last meeting with Caroline, Austin had been concentrating on pill refining. It had been more than half a year since they last saw each other.

With the help of his spiritual sense, Austin found Caroline in the second floor of the Slave Tower.

"She has reached the premium stage of Emperor Realm!"

Austin said to himself after he used his spiritual sense to check her cultivation base.

"Master, this girl from the evil shadow race cultivates arduously.

Over the past six months, she has spent most of her time fighting her training dummies. She has become a keener cultivator than you," Brady told Austin through his spiritual sense.

Austin could tell just by the sound of Brady's voice that he was very impressed with Caroline's hard work.

"The folks of the evil shadow race has been famous for being peerless fighters since the ancient times. Caroline is the current leader of the evil shadow race. She is also an exceptional fighter.

Practical fights help her reach higher realms quicker,"

Austin said to Brady.

After speaking to Brady, Austin transported himself to where Caroline was.

She was in the middle of a fight against a blue demonic wolf that was almost six meters tall.

Besides being as powerful as a cultivator at the preliminary stage of Bitter Sea Realm, the wolf was also agile and fast. Strong gusts of wind came out of its mouth and hit Caroline.

She was so quick and resolute in her every movement. Waves of fierce evil energy surrounded her and a shadow stood behind her.

After watching Caroline's battle against the wolf, Austin felt proud of her.

'Although that demonic wolf is one level higher than Caroline in terms of vital energy realm, it is clearly at a disadvantage. She's going to eat it alive, ' he thought.

About fifteen minutes later, the shadow behind Caroline dashed forward and hit the demonic wolf in th

ich was used to protect the Flame Holy Land.

This array was made hundreds of thousands of years ago, and it was incredibly powerful back then. It was unbreakable.

Today, most of the array's foundation had been destroyed over time.

Repairing it would be complicated and would require a lot of time and effort.

However, after more than a year's efforts, Elder Sharp was almost done repairing this powerful array.

Elder Brendan of the Flame Holy Land and Earth Hermit joined Elder Sharp in his efforts to fix the array.

Elder Sharp was a man who was born hundreds of thousands of years ago. He had achieved great things in the art of arrays. His knowledge of arrays impressed even Elder Brendan and Earth Hermit.

For the past six months, Elder Brendan and Earth Hermit had learned a lot from Elder Sharp. They even learned how to set up arrays which existed in ancient times that no one else knew in the East Mainland.

This was the main reason why Earth Hermit was willing to be so patient in helping Elder Sharp with the array.

Elder Leder and Elder Damian of the Flame Holy Land had been focused on helping the disciples with their cultivation.

Seeing how everyone was doing their own thing, and he had nothing better to do, Austin got bored.

"I wonder how Stacy is doing."

Suddenly, Austin thought of her.

'I got nothing better to do here. Guess I'll go out and check what's going on in the outside world, '

Austin thought.

Then he left the former headquarters of the Flame Holy Land.

Two days later, Austin received news about Stacy.

It was said that she was trapped somewhere in Sunset City, and that her father, the chief of the Deep Sea Commercial House was looking for her in the Sunset City with a group of people.

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