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   Chapter 1738 The Robbery (Part Two)

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The other faction was led by the second chief of the organization.

The factions were created, because the second chief wanted to overthrow and take the place of Stacy's father.

Because of this, fights often arouse in the Deep Sea Commercial House.

Between the two factions, Nelson worked for the second chief.

As for Stacy, she was assaulted several days ago. She was seriously injured, and no one had seen her ever since then.

Her father had sent lots of his men to search for her and even suspected that this was the other faction's doing.

In fact, the second chief sent trusted subordinates to look for Stacy in secret.

It wasn't because the second chief was concerned about Stacy, but because he wanted Stacy locked up as soon as they found her without letting her father know.

Since Nelson was very loyal to the second chief, he had been trusted to search for Stacy in the dark.

With the idea of wanting to be appreciated more by the second chief, Nelson set up a plan. He felt fortunate as soon as he caught sight of Austin with Stacy's token earlier that day when Austin visited the Deep Sea Commercial House. Speculating that Austin might know where Stacy was, he had dispatched his men to catch him.

Oh, how the tables had turned as things went south. Instead of Austin in his hands, Nelson ended up otherwise.

After hearing Nelson's answers and explanations, Austin looked at Nelson as if trying to see if there was a lie inserted in between truths. When he was certain that all were true, he immediately knew what was going on.

Austin nodded slowly and murmured, "I see. I see."

He paced back and forth in front of Nelson, and suddenly, he stopped. Something had occurred to him.

fter making sure that he wasn't going to get away, he left the Beyond City secretly.

After two days, Austin finally returned to the former headquarters of the Flame Holy Land.

As soon as he got there, he decided to give the treasures worth of seventy million enlightening crystals to Elder Brendan as the resources contributing to the rebuilt of the Flame Holy Land.

Instead of feeling happy about what Austin brought with him, Elder Brendan felt a little bit strange. He looked at the crystals, herbs and everything else and asked Austin how he had gotten so many cultivation resources in just a span of two days.

Austin told him about what he had done in the Beyond City, not leaving any detail out.

"Oh, so you have robbed the Deep Sea Commercial House in the Beyond City?"

Elder Brendan clarified, still a bit surprised.


Austin replied with a nod and pride.

A smile formed on Elder Brendan's face as the elder said, "Well done! This is very good! Ha-ha!"

Later that day, Austin went back to his place and started to focus on refining the Green Evil Pill for Caroline and her people from the evil shadow race.

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