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   Chapter 1736 Stacy Was In Trouble

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It didn't take long and very soon, the usherette came up to Austin in the lobby of the first floor of the Deep Sea Commercial House, and handed him a Space Ring she had been carrying carefully on a tray in her hand.

"Sir, all the superior herbs you requested are in here. You may check them if you like. Do you need anything else?"

She respectfully asked Austin with a helpful glance.

"No, thanks,"

Austin replied in a polite tone, taking the Space Ring and unleashing his spiritual sense to check inside. There were indeed all the level two superior herbs he needed to refine the Green Evil Pill.

He then turned around and left the Beyond City.

His plan was to find a quiet place to refine a small amount of Green Evil Pill at first. There was no telling what the side effects of the refining might be and who might interrupt him.

What the... what?

The moment he left the Beyond City, Austin's expressions changed.

He could sense that a dozen figures were following him secretly from a distance.

'That is so weird. Who are they? Why would someone follow me?

Did they see through my disguise?'

Austin thought to himself.

Austin didn't entered the Beyond City in his real appearance but had disguised himself as a common merchant.

This was because he knew what a well-known figure he was in the East Mainland, and wherever he went, people would recognize him and want to meet him. He didn't want to waste any time.

'Well, in that case, I am going to play with you just for the sake of some fun.'

Austin felt that the people following him were drawing closer and he sneered. It was time to play cat and mouse.

He started his bodily movement skill and rushed towards a mountain nearby that was isolated from all nearby cities. No reason to cause a citywide commotion, right?

He landed on a hillside with his hands behind his back, as if he had merely come out here for a walk and glanced in the direction of his followers with a sneer.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Very soon, more than a dozen figures rushed over towards the hillside as well and surrounded Austin in an instant.

Now that Austin saw them clearly, he noticed that there were thirteen of them, all at the Divine Bridge Realm; with three at the premium stage. Hmm, who would dispatch such a force behind him?

"Hah! I don't know what Nelson Li was thinking about. The guy dispatched thirteen of us to catch this nobody," the leading middle-aged man complained and his companions gave a chuckle.

He was one of the premium stage cultivators. Being fat and sturdy, there was a very air of impatience around him.

"Anyway, let's just take him down and not waste any time. I am getting thirsty for a drink ."

With a wave of his hand, the stout middle-aged man ordered the attack.

In his

it! Isn't Miss Ren the daughter of the head of the Deep Sea Commercial House?"

Austin asked.

"Yes, she is the daughter of the topmost leader. But something happened a few days ago.

It is said that two days ago, there was an unsuccessful assassination attempt on her life and she was seriously injured. Nobody knows where she is right now.

The Deep Sea Commercial House is sending a large number of people to search for her,"

the middle-aged man answered.

"What?! I can't believe Miss Ren was the target of an assassination attempt! You say she is missing?"

Austin was shocked.

"Yes, for the last two days. Her father is sending out a large number of people to search for her but so far, people have been unsuccessful,"

the middle-aged man replied.

"I see."

Austin nodded.

"You can die now, by the way."

Austin looked at the middle-aged man and told him simply.

The next instant, dozens of those vines twisted around in the air like cobras, and the middle-aged man was smashed to pieces before he could even beg once more.

Not in any circumstances would Austin have let the middle-aged man go back.

'So there was a conflict in the senior management of the Deep Sea Commercial House. Then Stacy was attacked suddenly and disappeared.

Maybe they were people from inside the Deep Sea Commercial House who did that.

And since I am holding the token of Miss Stacy, so I am obviously a target too, which must be why Nelson sent people to catch me.

So Nelson Li was Stacy's enemy. Either since forever, or something came to light that broke bonds.

I need to go see him then.'

Austin decided.

Stacy was Austin's friend and they had gone through several adventures and experiences together. She was in trouble now and Austin needed to go help her.

He immediately turned around and headed back to the Beyond City.

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