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   Chapter 1735 The Token Of Stacy

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"Yes. According to Elder Sharp, this Sect-protecting Array of our Flame Holy Land does not only possess a powerful defensive effect against the enemy but also can gather the spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

Once the protection array is completely repaired and utilized, this place will no longer be a boundless desert.

Soon, it will turn into an oasis filled with spiritual energy. Isn't that what we want?"

Elder Brendan said excitedly. His eyes were beaming with joy as he spoke.

"That's great!" Austin was glad too.

The sheer happiness from what the elder said was contagious. He was thrilled because of it.

"Did Elder Sharp tell you when he can completely repair the array?"

Austin asked curiously.

"Elder Sharp thinks it will take a few more months.

However, our Flame Holy Land's biggest problem right now is that we lack cultivation resources.

We had worked hard in the past few decades to rebuild the Flame Holy Land of the sect. Because of that, we had accumulated a large amount of cultivation resources.

However, the repair of the sect protecting array had consumed a lot of resources.

So, I almost used up all the resources at hand.

Even the Earth Hermit had provided most of his life savings for us to repair the array.

Thankfully, the five natural vessels of dragon energy Elder Sharp have extracted from your body have been set up as a Five-dragon Energy Gathering Array. It is enough for those disciples to use temporarily.

Yet, it would not work if the situation kept going on like this for a long time.

I have to figure out a way to collect more resources for practice."

Elder Brendan responded thoughtfully.

Elder Brendan, the chief elder, already perceived Austin as a high-level leader of the Flame Holy Land. He spoke about these matters to Austin naturally. He was never reluctant to let the young man know about the issues that they were now facing.

Hearing that, Austin nodded. However, his face still formed into a frown as he thought about what the elder said.

In order to perform the resurrection for Elder Sharp, Austin had previously used most of his crystals, elixirs, and even the herbs he had collected.

Now, Austin was poor, too.

He had to find a way to earn more money quickly.

Establishing a sect was not an easy thing. They had to do many things all at once. Most of the time, it required a lot of resources and accomplishing other aspects too.

"By the way, Elder Brendan, I need to go out and buy some herbs for refining the Green Evil Pill,"

Austin said to Elder Brendan.

"Oh, you are planning to help the evil shadow race to refine the Green Evil Pill, aren't you?

It's true that you can refine the Green Evil Pill with your current alchemy level."

Elder Brendan nodded in agreement.

After bidding goodbye, Austin left to find the herbs he needed.

Austin traveled two days before he arrived at the nearest big city.

As he scanned the su

re completely free.

Please wait a moment, Sir. I'll go and get these herbs for you."

The hostess immediately became very respectful towards Austin. She plastered a smile on her face as she turned and wriggled her sexy waist to collect all herbs Austin needed.

The logic of the woman was simple. Since this man had Miss Ren's token, he must be a good friend of the young lady of the Deep Sea Commercial House.

Since they could not afford to offend the young lady or any friends of hers, they offered him a big discount which rendered his needs free of charge.

"Really? All of the herbs are free?"

Austin was a little surprised. His mouth slightly went agape as he stared at the woman he was talking to.

He did not expect that the token Stacy gave him would be so useful.

The usherette who tended Austin's needs arrived at an elegant and exquisite room on the second floor of the store. She was carrying Austin's token in her hand.

She approached a plump middle-aged man in the room.

"Sir, someone is buying herbs and presented Miss Ren's token,"

the girl said politely as she handed Austin's token to the man.

"Really? Hand me that token. I have to check for myself."

The middle-aged man took the token and inspected it. He scrutinized every inch of the token carefully.

"It seems that this person must have a close relationship with that bitch, or perhaps he is one of her confidants. We would not let him leave.

What is his strength?"

The middle-aged man asked in a cold tone. His face was stern as he turned his attention from the token to the young woman who brought it to him.

"He was at the preliminary stage of Divine Bridge Realm,"

the hostess replied immediately.

"Okay. Send someone to tail after him and bring him back. I will personally interrogate him.

Maybe we can find where Stacy is from him!"

The middle-aged man ordered coldly. At that moment, his eyes glinted with a mixture of spite and mischief.

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