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   Chapter 1734 Seclusion And Oasis

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It was one of Austin's memorable day because a month passed, and he had made a great breakthrough in alchemy after reaching the tenth level of a spiritual pill refiner.

Austin smiled at himself and cheered deep inside, 'Next step, refine a first-grade superior pill!'

In the Divine Continent, the superior pill refiner would only be achieved once a spiritual pill refiner would be able to fully hone his skills and maximize his own potential.

This next stage was quite difficult to get compared to a spiritual pill refiner, because the latter was very common and could be seen anywhere you went.

However, there were only a few superior pill refiners existing around the world.

If level one superior pill refiner was already difficult to obtain, more so would level five or six. Those who had garnered this title were famous enough in the Divine Continent.

As for level seven or above, the probability of getting such a title was low even in the holy lands and large sects.

Imagine this. A superior pill refiner was already a legend. How much more if level seven or above?

That level seven superior pill refiner would already sit and enjoy the top position in the Divine Continent.

Then again, it was not normal to see such kind of superior pill refiners in the world anymore.

Another three months had already passed since Austin stayed in the secret cultivation room, but as for Austin, he felt like it was just a blink of an eye.

In those months, he focused on one goal only. At times, he started to refine pills, but the other half of those times, he just sat still and meditated, trying to think and overcome the problems he faced on his way of pill refining.

After four months, Austin realized that he could already start refining a first-grade superior pill with enough skills of him. He worked with blood and sweat and did not let anything distract him.

Finally, after five months of determination and hard work, as Austin patted the refining pot gently in the secret cultivation room, a light red pill immediately flew out of the pot, suspending mid-air with a strong fragrance. Austin's eyes widened in surprise.

"The first-grade superior pill!" He exclaimed as his eyes sparkled with delight.

Austin inhaled deeply and exhaled, feeling very satisfied with how things turned out.

It was about time that after dedicating more than half a year in the secret cultivation room, practicing and meditating alone, he had finally become a level one superior pill refiner.

Without any more time for celebration, Austin nodded at himself and said, "Next step, a level two superior pill refiner!"

He didn't waste any more time and planned to continue his cultivation in seclusion.

The Green Evil Pill he wanted to refine for Caroline and her people was a grade two pill.

Refining such a pill could only be possible if he was as good as a level two superior pill refiner.

Completely decided, Austin left the secret cultivation room to go see the Earth Hermit.

He obtained a batch of grade two superior herbs from the old man with the condition that he would pay him double in the future and swore to God that he would.

Without further ado, Austin returned

superior pill refiner nice and friendly in hopes that he would join them and refine their pills for them.

As for those second-class and third-class sects, they would have to beg and plead to a level two superior pill refiner to come and join them.

Now for the lower sects, a level two superior pill refiner was nothing less than a respectable pill refining master.

Elder Brendan still could not absorb the fact that Austin's alchemy skill had already reached that of a level two superior pill refiner.

"Yes, yes, I am a level two superior pill refiner now, but I still need more practice. I can barely refine a level two superior pill,"

Austin said modestly while Elder Brendan smiled at him proudly.

"Oh, by the way, Elder Brendan. I noticed that there have been great changes to our Flame Holy Land.

It is so different from what it had been, from what I had seen before I secluded myself.

Tell me, was Elder Sharp able to repair the Sect-protecting Array successfully?"

Austin asked with his full attention on Elder Brendan.

Elder Brendan smiled and replied, "Not just yet, but will be soon. You see, Elder Sharp has already mended over eighty percent of the array now.

Even though the array has not yet been completely restored, the changes in our sect are becoming obvious day by day, like progress that has evidence of such.

Let me take you out to the desert. You will be more surprised."

With that, Elder Brendan took Austin out of the Flame Holy Land and led him to the desert outside.

As soon as they reached the desert, Austin's eyes and mouth widened open in surprise, completely taken aback by what he was seeing.

The desert area that used to be filled with boundless and endless red-brown sand, scattered throughout the horizon, were now replaced by so many green and many, many small oases.

The sand dunes had disappeared, and in their places were the ground with mud, and instead of more sand, the ground was filled with grasses and vines, and even small trees were growing.

"The desert… The desert has turned into an oasis!"

Austin exclaimed and sighed in great disbelief.

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