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   Chapter 1733 Refine Pills

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"Since we don't have enough evil energy and they lack fighting experience, it is quite difficult for our people to progress rapidly," sighed Priest Callum.

He was sullen when he spoke about his predicament.

Austin couldn't help but feel guilty as he listened to his concerns.

He had mentioned several times that he would put everything aside and just focus on his alchemy skills. He had told the evil shadow race that he would try his best to help them refine the Green Evil Pill.

Although he was aware that it was an urgent matter, he had been caught up with other things that he hardly had any time to engage himself to practice alchemy. With that, the refining of the Green Evil Pill had been unintentionally postponed.

Austin was now a ninth-grade pill refiner in terms of alchemy skills.

Since the Green Evil Pill was a grade two superior pill, Austin had to upgrade his alchemy skill by three levels before he could refine this kind of pill.

"Caroline, don't worry. This time I will just focus on refining my alchemy skills and put everything aside. I will invest all my time and exert all my effort to help you refine the Green Evil Pill."

Austin had made up his mind to help Caroline and her people.

"It's fine. Don't push yourself too hard," said Caroline affectionately to Austin

She was afraid that it might cause him too much inconvenience, and she didn't want to force her man to do anything for her.

"It's okay, Caroline. This is a critical moment for the Flame Holy Land. It is in great need of a huge number of cultivation resources.

Once I improve my alchemy skills, I can easily refine a large number of high-grade pills. These will enhance the basic strength of the disciples of the Flame Holy Land," Austin spoke with excitement.

His eyes lit up with anticipation when he thought of the bright future of his sect.

If he could improve his alchemy skills, he would be able to refine as many high-grade pills as possible. He could also help other people to refine pills, and this would help them expand their resources for cultivation.

Pill refiners were greatly welcomed anywhere in the world. Everybody loved them because of their outstanding alchemy skills.

Having a relationship with a pill refiner with excellent alchemy skills was very beneficial to any cultivator. They would even get out of their way just to earn their friendship.

Pill refiners could easily earn money compared to other cultivators.

Austin had decided on his next step. He would stay secluded and focus on refining of the pills.

He wanted to sincerely help the evil shadow race.

He was able to get hold of a secret book about pill refining. It was called the Essence of Superior Pill. It was given to him by a man who only had a small portion of his soul when he met the latter at the Wild Herb Valley.


nowhere and stopped in the middle of the secret chamber.

He only had a small portion of spiritual herbs and superior herbs to refine the pills.

So he didn't want to rush the process of pill refining.

He opened the Essence of Superior Pill and carefully read through each word that was written on it.

It took him several days before he could finish the Essence of Superior Pill. He even reviewed the book for a dozen times no matter he was able to comprehend the words written on it or not.

Finally, Austin started to refine the pills.

There were herbal materials and refining pot that had already been prepared. He applied what he learned from the book, and the three Unearthly Fires helped him progress rapidly in refining the pills.

The three Unearthly Fires helped Austin to save much time when he had to extract the essence of the herbs.

When the three Unearthly Fires cooperated, they could generate a greater effect than when each was used alone. In case that the herbs were of different properties, the three Unearthly Fires could be used separately to fit the property of each herb. Having this process of refining pills, Austin was able to achieve dramatic progress in a very short time.

Austin became absorbed in the world of alchemy cultivation and forgot about everything else.

Earth Hermit and Elder Brendan visited Austin at his place several times.

They were quite surprised when they found Austin refining the pills in the secret chamber. They didn't expect that this young man was also capable of alchemy skills.

They tried not to disturbed Austin, but soon they realized that he was so absorbed with pill refining that he didn't bother about his surroundings.

It was rare for a cultivator to be like this.

This went on for several months but Austin didn't seem to feel it at all.

Numerous trials helped Austin's alchemy skills to improve gradually.

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