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   Chapter 1732 Someone Might See Us

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Soon, Austin found a beautiful, small mountain in the Flame Holy Land and settled down there.

The Earth Hermit had also volunteered to stay at the former headquarters of the Flame Holy Land, intending to help with the reconstruction of the sect.

By his own account, in the beginning he had no intention of getting involved in these things. But the members of the major sects in the East Mainland had always been meaning to rob him. Currently, they were trying to track him down. Some of them even harbored the evil intent to kill him and seize the treasures of the Purple Immortal from him.

In his indignation, the Earth Hermit decided to side with the Flame Holy Land. He decided to play his part in the fight against those major sects of the East Mainland. Those sects had become the symbol of oppression.

It was quite understandable that Austin, the three elders and even Elder Sharp welcomed their new ally with open arms. For them it was the situation of the more, the merrier.

Compared to the other cultivators in the East Mainland, this old man could be regarded as a great master, who possessed a very high-level cultivation base, and who had witnessed vicissitudes of disciples of various top sects.

Moreover, he seemed to be making steady progress recently in practicing the martial skills left by the Purple Immortal. Due to this, his cultivation base was getting better and increasing to higher levels.

Surprisingly, his true strength was equivalent to that of the holy lords in the East Mainland.

Naturally, Austin and the rest felt it was a good thing that such a powerful cultivator was willing to take the side of the Flame Holy Land.

On the small mountain, there was a secret cultivation room which dated back to ancient times. Austin had already taken it up as his exclusive secret room.

Being the Holy Heritor of the Flame Holy Land, Austin had been granted some privileges that ordinary disciples were ineligible to enjoy.

On top of this, Austin now became a hard-core disciple, whom Elder Sharp and the other three elders valued the most.

In other words, Austin had become a senior member with high status in the Flame Holy Land.

In the secret cultivation room, Austin sat pondering.

Austin sat there cross-legged, planning to start cultivating. Suddenly a message reached his Soul Sea telepathically. It was sent by Brady.

"Caroline has made a breakthrough and reached the medium stage of Emperor Realm."

"Really? Is that so?"

Austin was overjoyed to hear that.

He concentrated his mind and teleported himself into the City model inside him. He ended up on the street where Caroline had been cultivating.

"She has indeed made a breakthrough and reached the medium stage of Emperor Rea

hment. Seeing Austin and Caroline's reaction, he felt sorry. He regretted what he ended up doing. He knew that he had unintentionally ruined a romantic moment.

"Your Majesty, you just made a breakthrough, didn't you?"

Priest Callum steeled himself. He tried to behave as if he saw nothing and walked up to them. He spoke to Caroline.

"I did!"

Caroline said nodding as her head was down and a blush hued her cheeks.

At that moment, Austin found the old man in front of him so annoying that he had the urge to give him a couple of hard clouts on the head.

"Fuck! Why is this goddamn old man so unobservant?

He ruined such a golden opportunity that I had.

I was so close to enjoy moments of passion."

At that moment, the Flame Emperor's voice was heard in Austin's Soul Sea.

'Oh my goodness! How could I have forgotten that there's a lecher lurking in my Soul Sea?'

Austin almost jumped up with alarm on that thought.

Fortunately, he hadn't done anything stupid. Otherwise, the Flame Emperor would have seen everything distinctly.

And there were Violet and the gnome too. If they were in Austin, they would have also seen all that happened in that place.

'Shit! I guess that the next time I get into this kind of situation, I'll have to figure out a way first to isolate these three guys, ' Austin thought.

"Ha ha! Master, I didn't see anything. There is no need for you to guard yourself against me in the future." There went Violet's voice all of a sudden.

"Priest Callum, how is the cultivation of our people going on?"

Caroline asked. Finally she had returned to her normal self. No more was she in the flustered state she was in a few moments ago.

"Alas! Same old. Same old. They've made some progress, but not much,"

Priest Callum answered, clearly not happy with the progress.

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