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   Chapter 1731 The Hope Of Rebuilding

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Elder Sharp moved and landed on the desert.

He looked around him and stared at the boundless red and brown desert. Elder Sharp grieved, a feeling of deep longing in his heart.

"In the past, hundreds of thousands of miles of this place were covered with high mountains and dense forests. It was a fairyland, a sight to behold with its picturesque scenery and abundant spiritual energy.

But now, so much had changed. The place is unrecognizable from how it was before. The place has lost its beauty and wonder!"

Elder Sharp exclaimed. He couldn't stop the tears from falling down his face.

Hearing the sad speech of his, the three elders of the Flame Holy Land were also on the verge of tears. They themselves recalled the glory of this sacred land, and how it was more than one thousand and five hundred years ago.

At that time, the three elders were just outer disciples of the Flame Holy Land. They were sent out to perform a mission, but when they came back, the once prosperous sacred land was gone. An endless brown desert was left in its place.

Elder Sharp could only sigh as the feeling of hopelessness grew in his heart. With a heavy heart he positioned himself in the desert. The sleeve of his clothes danced in movement with the wind. Soon, the space rippled above the desert, and an octagonal ancient well showed up.

The ancient well was the actual entrance to the Flame Holy Land.

It was Elder Brendan who founded the well. He had set up several ingenious magic arrays and a Space-blocking Array in the place, which had sealed the well tightly.

The well was masked and magically hidden. No one could detect its location and that it was an entry point that could lead to the holy land.

Then they all jumped into the well.

As they reached the ground, they were greeted by an abundant green scenery. Overgrown plants and enchanting flowers surrounded the place.

It was a small world. A unique magical place that had been sealed to protect its existence. It was the real ancient Flame Holy Land.

"Hundreds of thousands of years has gone. I did not expect I would go back to this place again."

Elder Sharp could feel the excitement in his body. His hands trembled, and he could feel a rush of energy going through his blood.


All of a sudden, he dashed forward as if he was running after someone.

Only to stop and feel the surrounding air. He wandered around, nostalgic. He tried to recall every fond memories he had in the ancient sacred land.

Knowing that Elder Sharp was going down a memory lane of people and things in the past, no one went to bother him.

At this time, the three hundre

Austin remembered and decided he should tell Elder Sharp about this.

"Really? You have nine natural vessels of dragon energy inside your body?"

Elder Sharp was both surprised and impressed.

"Yes, you heard him right! There are nine natural vessels of dragon energy inside his body."

Elder Brendan echoed. It was right in front of the three elders that the nine natural vessels of dragon energy rushed into Austin's body.

"Well, how about this? I can take five natural vessels of dragon energy from your body and set up a Five-dragon Energy Gathering Array in the holy land. This will serve as a base for the disciples to cultivate.

The remaining four natural vessels of dragon energy could remain in your body. They could reinforce your power and sustain you at least until you reach the Major-perfection Realm.

This way you don't have to worry about the cultivation resources for a long time to come,"

Elder Sharp said to Austin after thinking about it for a while.

"Okay, as you said."

Austin nodded in agreement.

"Okay, let's get going, and finish our own share of work.

We should try to rebuild the Flame Holy Land as soon as possible!"

said Elder Sharp.


Austin and the three elders answered in unison.

The re-emergence of the Flame Holy Land was just around the corner. Everyone could feel the success at hand.

"Austin, thank you very much for bringing back our ancestor. He has brought infinite hope to our holy land!"

After everyone had left the conference hall, Elder Brendan sent this message to Austin through spiritual sense.

"Ha-ha! Elder Brendan, you don't have to say thank you to me. I am also a member of the sacred land, remember? I did what I had to do,"

Austin replied with a smile.

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