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   Chapter 1730 Kill The Flying Demonic Monkey

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Austin's face suddenly turned pale. He felt a terrible evil aura instantly erupting in his body.

"Crap! It is the flying demonic monkey!"

Austin was taken aback when he realized what was going on.

'The damned wretch has certainly come to take revenge!' thought Austin.

Soon, Austin employed his spiritual sense to analyze the strength of the flying demonic monkey. Austin was shocked when he found out that the flying demonic monkey was extremely weak at that moment.

It seemed that the flying demonic monkey had lost its whole body. It was left with only its soul.

Moreover, Austin found out at once that the flying demonic monkey was aiming at his demonic avatar.

To be more exact, it was aiming to grab the Diabolic Killing Needle which was present in his demonic avatar.

It wanted to take back that evil needle!

However, the evil needle had been refined by Austin's demonic avatar and integrated with it.

And there was no way that Austin would let the flying demonic monkey take the needle back.

"Damn it! You've invited this upon yourself. I'll kill you when you're at your weakest!"

Having made up his mind, Austin summoned up all his courage and gave a cry. The Spiritual Pot, that was half a meter high, appeared in an instant and dashed towards the soul of the flying demonic monkey.

"World Sealing Tabooed Magic!"

The demonic avatar began using the second stage of the World Sealing Tabooed Magic to seal the soul of the flying demonic monkey.

It was one kind of magic spell that could freeze anything in the world. It was just amazing.

It was beyond the flying demonic monkey's expectation that there were so many trump cards in Austin's body. Reluctantly, it slowed down for a moment.


The evil needle in his demonic avatar suddenly trembled slightly, and a flood of evil aura broke out.

All of a sudden, the aura surrounded the flying demonic monkey's soul and started to drag it into the needle.


No! You can't do this to me! You are the holy treasure of my race. I am the Holy Son of the abyss demon race. I am your master! You can't absorb my soul!"

Suddenly, the flying demonic monkey seemed to remember something. The expression on its face showed how gradually its slightly confused mind suddenly became clear. It could not stop and a scream of despair escaped from its mouth.

A moment ago, it was seriously injured and almost unconscious. Then suddenly and desperately it rushed into Austin's body as soon as it found the aura of the Diabolic Killing Needle.

out it.

He knew very well that the flying demonic monkey was extremely powerful.

Yet, it had been killed by Austin. The Earth Hermit and the three elders could not believe it. They all looked at Austin questioningly.

"Yes, the flying demonic monkey was badly injured and was in a dying state. I guess that's the reason I could kill it so easily,"

Austin said with a smile.

"Don't brag, brat.

Even with your strength at present, you are absolutely no match for the flying demonic monkey at all.

And even though the flying demonic monkey was truly in the dying state at that point, still I don't think you could have been able to kill it!"

the Earth Hermit exclaimed in wonder.

"The fact is that I did kill it.

So, stop messing around, old man."

Austin pursed his lips. He didn't want to give away all the details of how he had killed the flying demonic monkey.

"Oh! I think I have found the reason. Boy, there must be an unrivaled magic treasure in your body which helped you suppress the soul of the flying demonic monkey so easily.

Come on, take it out! Let me see it and check it!"

The Earth Hermit kept insisting, and his eyes were lighting up with excitement.


I don't have any such magic treasures. Believe it or not!"

Austin knew that the Earth Hermit was a bit greedy. He was interested in all kinds of magic treasures, so Austin was reluctant to take out his magic treasures in front of the Earth Hermit for even a look!

A few days passed by.

Above the vast desert land outside the former headquarters of the Flame Holy Land, there was some unexpected activity.


A huge beast skeleton that was flying stopped suddenly.

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