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   Chapter 1729 I Want My Inherited Treasure Back (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6130

Updated: 2019-12-29 00:25

This middle-aged man was the holy lord of the Vasteras Holy Land. Right now, he looked more like a god since right above his head, there was an ancient golden seal floating like a halo.

This old seal was the ultimate magical treasure owned by the Vasteras Holy Land.

Another middle-aged man, dressed in black clothes was also attacking the monkey and there was a vast area of darkness above his head, much like a piece of black cloth floating in the air.

He was the chief of the Ji Clan. There was a black trident in his hands, and immense amounts of some black colored energy was gushing out of this weapon.

This black trident was the ultimate magical treasure of the Ji Clan.

This time, the leaders of the Vasteras Holy Land and the Ji Clan had brought in the full might of their forces, as well as their ultimate magical treasures.

Apart of them, the reclusive elder of every single clan, sect, and holy land had also joined in and together, they could be safely termed as the most powerful and toughest opponent in the entire East Mainland. Perhaps few could have matched them elsewhere too.


With a shout, the dozen top cultivators directed their most ultimate forces at the flying demonic monkey. They had had quite enough of it already.

The energy their weapons were releasing were so powerful that it could almost destroy the entirety of space.

Before very long, the flying demonic monkey finally found itself at a disadvantage under so many dangerous attacks.

It began to struggle in its efforts to ward off the powerful blows from such powerful cultivators.

The chief of the Ji Clan sensed this weakness and immediately knew that it was time to give the flying demonic monkey one final blow, a coup de grace to blow it to smithereens. "Go to hell!" he roared furiously.

The next se

t the cost of its remaining life energy.

"That's not good. This evil thing utilized its life energy and got away,"

a top master exclaimed in pity with a frown.

"Don't worry. It's not long for the world. We have beat the thing hard and even if it does manage to get away, it is going to die real soon,"

the holy lord of the Vasteras Holy Land calmly responded.

"Yes, you are right. It was wounded when it fled. The monkey will surely die," one of the top cultivators agreed.

The other powerful cultivators nodded in agreement.

Right at that exact moment, a beast skeleton was flying above the Northern Mine District at a terrifyingly fast pace. This was the skeleton that Elder Sharp and Austin were in.

It was headed for the entrance of the Northern Mine District.

Out of the blue, a crack appeared in front of the beast skeleton.


A dark shadow rushed out of the crack, headed straight for one particular occupant of the skeleton.

"Human brat, I want my inherited treasure back."

A furious voice rang out in the sky. Within a split second, the black figure flew right into Austin's body. It had moved so fast that Austin and other elders hadn't even seen its face clearly.

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