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   Chapter 1728 I Want My Inherited Treasure Back (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6330

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The scene was immensely shocking for Austin, the three elders of the holy lands, and even the Earth Hermit. They had not seen such a display of power in a long time.

The fighting power that Elder Sharp had displayed was too terrifying for them to imagine. There was immediate and complete silence in the entire area after this event. Moments later, Elder Sharp himself broke the silence.

"Let's go back." Elder Sharp said calmly as he walked back towards Austin and the four old men.

If he had not spoken, then perhaps no one would have recovered from the shock for several minutes to follow.

'Our holy land might be able to rise again now that Elder Sharp is back!' the three elders from the Flame Holy Land excitedly thought to themselves.

Their bodies were trembling with that ecstasy.

'Now that we have the remarkable Elder Sharp on our side, we can win anything that lands in our path.

I bet that even the leaders of the three holy lands, the three prominent clans and the top sects of the East Mainland will not dare to mess with our affairs.'

"Austin, great thinking. It was a very powerful move to bring back our ancestor.

I believe that it won't take long for our holy land to rise now that he is on our side," Elder Brendan praised Austin through his spiritual sense. There was something really happy in that voice.

It trembled with the thrill of happiness.

Austin nodded in agreement, glad that his move hadn't backfired.

It was uplifting to know that he did the right thing—resurrecting such an incredible elder.

However, the time for celebrations would approach later on. Right now, even as Austin, Elder Brendan, Elder Leder and Elder Damian were immersed in joy, Elder Sharp's voice resounded and broke their reverie.

"Let's return to the former headquarters of our holy land.

It has been hundreds of thousands of years since I left that

ans no one in the East Mainland can defeat it. What's going to happen now?

If it does manage to regain its full strength and starts killing innocent people, then there's going to be a huge disaster in the East Mainland.'

Meanwhile, a few thousand miles away from them, about a dozen people had surrounded the flying demonic monkey and were attacking it at full force.

Although they were still so far away, the battle was so intense that it was hard to miss even from a distance.

Fighting the monkey were several top cultivators from the three holy lands, several more from the three prominent clans and a few from the strongest first-class sects of the East Mainland.

To annihilate the flying demonic monkey, the leaders of the top sects had joined hands. Right now, all battles and enmity had been kept aside. The most powerful cultivators from these sects had formed a team and their sole mission was to hunt down the flying demonic monkey together.

It had taken them an enormous amount of time and energy just to surround the flying demonic monkey.

"Let's kill this thing this time.

We can't let it get away today!" a middle-aged man shouted.

In his full-fledged battle mode, he was enveloped by a blazing golden light like a deity.

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