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   Chapter 1727 A Fierce Battle

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10570

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Six top supreme masters, led by the holy lord of the Rudimentary Holy Land who held an ultimate magical treasure, simultaneously dashed towards Elder Sharp.

However, Elder Sharp's strength was beyond their imagination.

He lifted the nine-layer scarlet pagoda on his hand, and red forces instantly filled every inch of the space. The void continued to collapse wherever it passed, almost entirely unstoppable.

The six strong cultivators' attacks were blocked by the power of the ultimate magical treasure.

That magic treasure was one of the most powerful in the entire world, and he had utilized it in its full extremes. No wonder why he did not dodge the combined attacks of the six cultivators.

So instead, he instantly rushed forward, his figure almost completely integrating into the air.

The terrifying speed he employed could only be matched by very few people in the world. He was as light as smoke, almost ethereal, and his moves were very much unpredictable.

He rushed to one of the men––the senior reclusive master from the Shen Clan in particular.

With the scarlet nine-layer pagoda on his right hand, he waved his left hand clasped into a fist, punching that poor master from the Shen Clan.

When the former flashed right before the supreme master's face, every strand of the latter's hair rose and froze. Sensing a great danger about to befall on him, he turned around in an attempt to flee.

However, the nine-layer scarlet pagoda emitted an immensely terrifying aura––almost as vast as the sea––instantly drowning the senior reclusive elder of the Shen Clan.


Elder Sharp's fist slashed out, directly tearing open a crack in the space and smashing onto the chest of the senior reclusive elder of the Shen Clan.

The senior reclusive elder shouted in panic and discreetly used a secret skill. He ingeniously transformed his entire body into a thin-like piece of paper, trembling backward with the wind.

It was a signature secret skill of the Shen Clan, which could be used during fighting. The stronger the attack from the rival was, the lesser the chances of anyone from the Shen Clan from getting hurt.

Yet, even with all the effort, it seemed to be in vain. Elder Sharp's fist might appear to be frail and weak, but it could still launch a punch or two.


And with that one massive blow, the piece of paper––who was really the senior reclusive elder of the Shen Clan––was immediately frozen as it flew in the air.

He spat out a mouthful of blood as his body wobbled like a broken kite in flight, descending far away in no direction. No one knew whether he survived that assault or not.

Everyone, who witnessed the entire scene, was nailed on the ground, shocked and utterly dumbfounded at what happened. A senior reclusive elder from an aristocratic family was severely injured and defeated in just a single swing of an arm.

This had never happened in the East Mainland before.

In fact, those senior reclusive elders from aristocratic families were the most powerful cultivators who enjoyed the highest status in the East Mainland. They stood at the top of the pyramid in the entire rea

riest raised his hand and swept forward with the duster.

All the small worlds employed by the five warriors collapsed at the same time and turned into nothing. What was used to be promising weapons were now rendered useless.

Then, Elder Sharp reappeared, and the nine-layer scarlet pagoda in his hand shook violently.

This vicious quivering caused rays of red energy to erupt again in all directions.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The five cultivators, determined as they were, tried to resist the force but were eventually trampled by the overwhelming energy.

The holy lord of the Rudimentary Holy Land was the luckiest of them. With the white jade bracelet which was an ultimate magical treasure, he was able to resist the attack from Elder Sharp.

Meanwhile, the other four top martial artists were caught in a difficult situation. It was evident that they had been seriously hurt with the amount of blood they coughed. More than that, their bodies trembled, and they could barely even stand!

"Run, or we will all die here!"

The senior reclusive elder of the Ji Clan shouted, his face as pale as paper.

Whoosh, Whoosh, Whoosh.

Five figures flashed, and the five top cultivators suddenly disappeared in the air.

These top masters all had high-grade escaping techniques, and since they understood the rules in the world, they knew better that it was best to flee.

Although they were severely injured, it was mysteriously fascinating how they were able to run away in such a short time.

At this point, it was hard for Elder Sharp to decide which one to chase.

"Humph. This will serve as a lesson for you," said he coldly.

Instead of worrying himself on who to chase, he just decided to give up and let those five flee for their lives.

The most powerful sky-shaking battle in the East Mainland finally ended.

Elder Sharp was veritably triumphant against all the undeniably strong cultivators.

"This senior elder of our Flame Holy Land is indeed incredible!"

As everyone celebrated their triumph, an idea popped into Austin's head, making him grin from ear to ear.

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